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Gazebo gives you burn going fishing next in cushing what okay i don't think you guys fishing camping i think tanna exact opposite reactions to the promise of fishing seasick i don't either i'm gonna nervous about going on this cruise because crews opaque bo i think it'll be fine you're pretty good but i remember when i was on a cruise when i was like in the eighth grade i think and i just there were times where it was questionable about there's time queasy stomach brings some driven means but if they have a pool you can jump in the pool in it all just sitting mmediately yes in the pool all the time can you won't sleep in full yeah i'm excited for this cruise on your behalf i'm not going necas they're going to go up when his up what are the dates of the crews of timber sixth through tenth well bang bang bang trips of timber my no not gonna have money you're going to be working at heat so you're gonna be raking in it oh yeah man joining the money in the big bucks oh i was gonna say let's get paid yeah you already get hurt she can't for us that i can't help it either i'm going to say that but i was definitely going to get you guys something can't help it all right well but we're keeping it at five dollars five dollars five dollar gifts i swear their foot long for both of you five dollars foot longs ten dollars fine but that's it yeah dollars is it's twenty or like maketh and make a thing yeah makes whatever it doesn't what ten ten dollars or it takes ten minutes to make ten dollars takes an hour to me i don't know yeah listen ten dollars in the ice okay but the hands in the middle it better be ten dollars danielle what ten dollar max so you have to give receipts yes and break ten dollars up some shit all right we're gonna go celebrate our birthdays we're starting and starting no yeah happy birthday birthday to sure i have to thanks for listening special thanks to our lovely lor naylor amazing portraiture skills and creating cover art sweet boy tom oto for lovely music and agreed many things to my uk supporters and donors charles thomas rebecca maya and suzy set you can follow my blog at well this sucks dot me follow us on instagram w podcast facebook at w the podcast and if you like what you heard please please please subscribe leeann review yes thanks love you view

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