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God for blatant in Union County. But today Republican state chairman, Robin. Hayes says Democrats are just trying to reverse the election. The Democrats will do anything they can do to gain this. It is a complicated story. But the main controversy involves a guy hired by Mark Harris named McRae. Dallas Harris told me he hired Dallas. Because the guy had a history of being really good at drumming up votes using absentee ballots in bladen county hired McRae, Dallas because of two things one. He had proven success and number two the elected officials that were vouching for him. But as it turns out there have been questions about McRae, Dallas Dallas's tactics. In bladen county going all the way back to twenty ten and Dallas has worked for both Republicans and Democrats I'm pretty in recent weeks attorneys for democrat, Dan mccready have collected affidavits from a few voters in blatant county voters who claimed Dallas illegally took their ballots throwing some away. And in other cases, filling them out for them. The GOP chairman, Robin. Hayes says there's no proof of wrongdoing perhaps beyond a ballot or two if they had discovered a shred of evidence. Would have made public. In fact, Hayes is now raising the idea of a conspiracy between Dan McCreevy and the former chairman of the state board of elections. Josh, Malcolm, it was Malcolm who led the Wade kie Paris from being certified and Hayes claims that money changed hands between McCreevy and Malcolm plot thickens crumble connections between the democrat campaign, Dan mccready, and Malcolm his family money was paid. None of this was disclosed. We asked Dan McCreevy for comment and got none..

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