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This is a three CR podcast and this is published or not. A good crime novel keeps you guessing until the very end and that's Wash Benjamin Stevenson has written in the other side of midnight. Welcome. Benjamin. I remain. San With it was the compare of TV show. I'm quite a bit from the book. Midnight, tonight was light entertainment masquerading as news human interest stories laced with gentle political ribbing harmless stuff. Now, I'm sure everybody recognizes this talk of TV show said let's hear how San. Seen by the all the Benjamin. Benjamin, would you mind reading from page seven plays? The Inter music will and Sam stopped talking spot a career in television still struck by the dazzle of it. Sam Mid had seemed to switch Mr Benign breath calm blue eyes locked board on camera. One anyone guests. He had to be a bit of a one the kid to host his own nightly television show in twenty nine and he delivered on that expectation wall. Everything about him polished image conscious if left a giant smile is take like American Republican voters why and strikes This from page seven very early in the book in the pop schooled, we interrupt this broadcast. So tell us what happened to San Northampton as an acetates delivering his opening monologue Bagel charming for the cameras and in the middle of it, he starts look a bit nervous the crew dots kind of wound up Wisey a bit these game they stopped to think that maybe he's GonNa propose go in the middle of the live TV broadcast at the end of the broadcast reaches into his pocket and instead of pulling Anna a bring he pulls out a gun and shoots himself live television and ask state hardening of the book. One million people witnessed it not since brought the Harry just doesn't believe it was suicide. He wants. Jack. Quick to investigate it. Where does Harry Guard to ask Jack to take on this kinds? Harry has to convince Jack to take on the case from prison because Jack has wound up in prison at the end of the events of last novel. So yet he's going to go into the prison in kind of convinced Jack and Jackie bit hot on his luck he's been imprisoned by him. So He's Kind of Cain when Harry dangles a check a blank check by the in front of it. There's a reason why Jack needs money. Let's Ashish. Is Fama late, he's raised by single father and his brother had an accident he was in child and so he's in a permanent vegetative state. He's in basically in Jack. Is Paying for the upkeep of the end of life care because he doesn't want to make the decision whether to turn the machines off on the more money you can get out of this medication the longer. brother-in-law. Will. Stan is that Jack up outside the prison but this old sir? Ryan there and Ryan Wants Jack to investigate a.

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