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Metro to reconsider using China's state owned rail car manufacturer to build metro's next series of rail cars The Washington Post reports metro was no longer considering China railway rolling stock corporation after Congress passed legislation prohibiting transit agencies for making such purchases Virginia democratic senator mark Warner released a statement Friday saying Congress took this issue seriously and took action in the recently passed defense bill particularly since these rail cars will be used in our nation's capital C. C. R. C. was expected to bid on the metro project and that prospect raised concerns the cars could be dealt with capabilities that would allow China to spy on the U. S. or launch cyber attacks what was metro put on hold when it called nine one one for emergencies WTOP investigative reporter Megan Clark he's been digging for the answer just as metros been using an outdated emergency number smoke inside the station is not something metro takes lightly so spokesman Dan stencil says when a customer reported what turned out to be a cigarette **** burning on lamps behind a gallery plays platform November second they hit the speed dial button programs to reach DC nine one one and were placed on hold there are other ways measure uses to reach DC dispatchers but Cecil says speed dial is the go to after managers were put on hold calling for a person trapped in an elevator and one another passenger became ill stencil says metro raise its concerns with the office of unified communications which runs nine one one as we reported you cease to rector testified to the city council that metro was using an outdated number that went directly to a low priority queue which could delay how quickly the call was answered if you came in at a busy time WTOP learned before it was fixed measure use the non emergency number for eight years Meghan clarity WTOP news well this week we learned plans to extend the DC street car to Georgetown effectively scrapped detox holding all work on the crosstown extension for the foreseeable future agency tells the DC council there's no feasible path forward because of the cost in.

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