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It's a great point. The Viking started 15 there now six and six with a gigantic game against the Bucks, who they can essentially get closer to, or perhaps even leapfrogged things sort of work out this weekend with the other games on Sunday, and then, of course, Bart. As a Ravens legend will be looking forward to watching Monday night football on ESPN between Baltimore and Cleveland. I know you got your own show later today, too, so we'll let you go. Thank you, Bart. Appreciated. Bart Bart. All right. You don't play for the Ravens anymore, but he did play Father's best. That's my dude. Man. Come on, you know that's how we roll. So he brought up an interesting point. They have four games left. Do the Vikings. Two of those four are Tampa Bay on the road? Yes, New Orleans. On the road. I want to mention the New Orleans game is in week 16. You have to kind of think about if it doesn't go just quite down to the stretch, and maybe that the Saints of clinch the number one spot. You never know how that game could be played, but it's tight at the moment. The other two games There's lions. Challenging ones to gimmes. There's there's no such thing is again There's no such thing as a gimme, but I would think And when you start to get on the back end of things, you know The Lions. They're getting ready for Christmas and New Year's and the Bears were doing the same thing. So you kind of Hope that they approach you with that mindset. Uh, be interesting. The New Orleans game is interesting because if New Orleans is not clinched home field advantage throughout And they have to play. Plus, they want to play anyway. Because of what has happened in the past against the Minnesota Vikings. You can't take him lightly. If your New Orleans because you've played against them in the postseason, and we all kind of know how those games have gone to question you also want Drew Brees coming back around that time you got him to find his rhythm, getting ready for the past, as well. Yeah, you also want to do that is Jason could possibly sea breezes early is this weekend? We're gonna talk a little bit more about Jalen hurts in a second. But if breeze is able to go in any sort of compare Cassidy. Um, would you be more intrigued to see him return knowing what you got from him? Or do you see need to see a little bit more here from tasting hill with the caveat that the last two years the saints are actually eight? No. Without Drew Brees. Five minutes free from taste of cool would take them. Hell, I'm good with takes immune Shown you enough? Yes. So if he could play this weekend, I'm not playing him anyway. If Drew Brees complain that planet gold for them so now put on the headset is that because of the opposition? No, it's because it's a little bit of If it's the opposition. I think we have enough to be competitive and beat them. Okay. They eat their starting of rookie quarterback That hasn't started a game in the league, and I think he's only throwing 20 passes. Right. I know. I know. Don't worry about that. I'm more worried about those barbecue ribs that is inside. Drew Brees is body. I need to keep him healthy or getting healthiest possible. So when we get too weak, 15 and 16 and I need to play him moving into the playoffs, so I could have home field advantage so I can get that bye week so his ribs can rest. Again. That's what I want to be able to do. So, with that being said you probably let him relax against the Eagles and the Chiefs and having bringing back first of Vikings and in the Panthers, right? Don't know that I'm having relax again, Chief. Okay. You don't know about depending upon where he is in the process. Exactly. I'm not going out there with Taysom Hill against the Chiefs if I could go out there with Drew Brees. Mork conversation on that young kid who's thrown just 20 passes. But first it's SportsCenter. From the ranch 12 yard play action screen, right. It's intercepted Teddy Young devil aside, he hit the field needs a plot. Get into the inside there back to the outside. 2010 5 touchdown on the first play of the second quarter, penny on take it to the house. Was on ESPN L A 7 10. It's actually the third straight game with the Rams have had a defensive score, which is notable. Because everybody always talks about their offense, which is pretty good, Potent, led by running back can makers the other camp in this game 171 yards on the ground, the best looking rushing performance from anybody in the NFL as a first year player. This year, Erin Donald was a beast 1.5 sacks He leads the NFL. In sacks and his key mentioned a couple times this morning that pick six was squarely not on camp, but instead on the pressure put forth by Donald the MBA, putting a little pressure on Kyrie Irving, but Seems to think it's chump change is take this one out of the glove compartment. Kyrie and the Nets of $25,000. Each hiring has refused to speak with the media. He sort of put out a statement saying, I'm not gonna do it all season long and the league said all right, that's fine. We'll just find you. 25. Joseph. I owns Alibaba. Yes. You think he's worried about 25 K. Alibaba is the Chinese Amazon so once again, he'll take that out of his Run breast pocket and see. There you go. There's your 25. No, man. You're just giving $25,000 We got that. Jake. Tell you right now. Carry me the first time I many more times you will be doing so I will tell you. Brooklyn is one of the lowest television ratings in the league. That might change this year. But you got two studs man. I wanted to speak and promote my franchise do canceling their nonconference slate. Wasn't that extensive. Gardner Webb is the only one left. It won't make up games with Charleston, Southern and Ellen, Alabama head coach Nate Oats, laying the wood to coach K. Essentially said If he hadn't lost those games against Michigan State in Illinois, coach K wouldn't be sounding off about perhaps stopping this season. Y'all doing out here, Jay will kids losing Been a rough one out of the gate.

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