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That's what itwas They were six and four last year, and then they finished seven and nine. So back to back years. You get to six and then you get to seven. He got the eight and then that's it. That's a problem. That's abysmal. So would I give up two first round picks as there's gonna be a market and there was this thought last night from how do you say that guy's name again? Vincent Highest in your e. Vincent Bun Siniora. Um I saying that correctly or maybe spots in your I apologize. What? Vincent Bronson, your rewind. All right, the following last few seconds of the second, So you didn't actually here on your radios, even though we didn't dump it, So you did hear it. But anyway, Hey, I'll Ryan tracing. How do you say this guy? Vincent's last name? Vincent Bond. Senor Vincent Bunsen. Your covers The Raiders. Vincent Bonds. Senor had that report last night. That may be. The Raiders could get two first round picks for Derek Card seems like there's a market for him at 29 especially coming off the season. I say this in air quotes you can't see me that he just had And they'll use those two picks package and with the other two first round picks, you have four first round picks to try to go get the show on Watson. Yes, sounds great. Who's giving you two first round picks or Derek Carr? Get it. We talked about it all throughout the last few weeks. There's a big Q B market here. If I've given up two first round picks. I need something that I know is going to be a stud. Even if you are the biggest Derek Carr fan, you can't tell me convincingly that he's worth two first round picks and that he's going to be a consistent stud. Because what you have to go back to 34 years ago. The last time that we thought Derek Carr was a franchise quarterback. So yes, I get it. He had a nice season this year. Two first round picks form. He didn't do enough for me where I go. Wow, I gotta have Derek Carr's a quarterback. You know, we are a far way away. From that season that he had and what 2015 2016 those back to back years we played really well. Did you hear my computer in the background For some reason, that's the first time in a long time that happened with the sound started to go off. Right? Trace. We were going on a little good street. They're nice little run. Every street comes to an end. It does, you know Am I? The Derek Carr Sports talk radio. I have some. Really You're talking. I have some really good moments. Some executives go. Yeah, I'll give that guy a few first round picks to go get him. And then it comes down, crashing and burning. I think about that. 2015 2016 32 picks 13 32 touchdowns 13 interceptions 28 touchdown, six interceptions. Tyler's injury since then, and since then The last two years 21 8 27 and nine Has completed 70% of his passes 2019. 67.3% Little 4000 yards both your sight. There's consistency, but I never look at Derek Carr and say, Wow, that's got to be my quarterback. He's a quarterback. That's the quarterback. I don't say that. So here we go in the poll question. 01 or two if your team needed a quarterback, so I'm going to say if Let's say you're the Colts or let's say you're the Bears. Got a good defense. Cold. She got some pieces on offense bears. We got to see who they bring back on offense. If you're one of those teams and your alternative Midst Robiskie or the cult's Who's even the Colts alternative at this point. I guess resigning to Kobe per set. Is it the fourth round pick Jacob Beeson. If you're one of those teams How many first round picks would you give up? 01 or two I'm not giving up too. If I'm the Bears. What I give up one. Be your playoff team at eight and eight. That's not a terribly early draft pick. Cults little bit later of a draft pick. I could talk myself if I desperately needed a quarterback. Could talk myself into a one first round pick. I can't go more than that. If some if some team gives up two first round picks for Derek Carr, examine the head of that general manager. 64.2% say zero 26.9% say one. And 9% say to and let me be clear on this. I'm being benevolent by saying I give him a first round pick. But if that was the dire last option Maybe roll the dice with your Kobe per set. Midst Robiskie or Derek Carr? I would take Derek Carr. Because he's Average, sometimes above average, sometimes looks good. For the most part. It just doesn't do it for me. But first round one first round pick, that's it. Maybe. If you could give me 26 touchdowns, nine picks for the good defense. Maybe it's worth it. Take a time out. Diggins joins us next. First up with Lady CBS Sports Ready Update. We get the Bobby you slur. See me? Yes. Fun sports flag. Hijacked Patrick Mahomes.

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