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This is an example of what happens when people are afraid and the images we're seeing out of China have three D. house of slow talkers with this woman on the images we're seeing out of time on his paws is scary what is happening in the San Gabriel Valley is not what is happening in China we believe that the precautions that were urging our students to take all of us safe okay and we just interviewed a school board member here from at ten AM also LA county officials saying that they're investigating a think advisory that was sent on Facebook it looked extremely official and like jet it claimed a new case had been found in corona it was even signed by a health official but that now we're hearing the reaction to that this corona virus has caused a scare in our communities right we are receiving telephone calls certainly after the notice when now I even had firefighters from my district reach out to me when this notice went out now point four hundred twenty seven people mostly in China have died since the viruses detected and will want to December there are twenty thousand confirmed cases worldwide eleven of those in the U. S. too and so cal all hambre unified saying the concerned parents can find out more at a U. S. D. dot U. S. and also new information out this morning we're hearing a minor that was being house the reserve March Air Force base the March Air Force base had come in.

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