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And and that to this day i just i just think of that picture of coming in and seeing him and just the realization of what had happened to going. Oh my gosh you've got to be kidding me. This little dog did all this work to get to the carrot cake. so able table decide. I'm done yeah almost like as a cartoon right of rolling over with this huge belly but like mild like well not my even my intensely satisfied with himself what he had accomplished but now wising how uncomfortable he was like it. Just all of those emotions being communicated in his in his eyes some some place to meet. Act out on the floor near. Yes yes. I do need a little bit of assistance and i need to go take a nap. Yeah and then after we had had our first child. You know you you kind of get in the motions of of caring for your your baby and part of that is using diaper wipes and wiping up a mess and throwing them in the trash and we had just done that we had Dan left kobe inside. And because we need to run some errands and when we came back We noticed. Kobe was kind of laying funny. And we couldn't quite figure it out and the next day He went he went poop. And when i looked This little thing was hanging out from the back. And i went and i pulled it out. And it was a full diaper. Wipe and i ran back inside in realized he'd eaten about six. Defer y ou out of the trash can and so over the next couple days. We got our diaper whites. We got all of them given back to us We counted them all and make sure they were all. There was one of those things where he was obviously very. He was very happy with what he had done but then realizing he was also very uncomfortable ever come back after being outside and rolled in anything interesting. You know not that we know of we have. There was one time where we were wa. Came with him on the leash. And he's a he's when we do go on walks he's not a. I'm going to walk. Walk walk walk. He's a definitely. I'm going to sniff every seven seconds and every seven feet seven seven inches To to figure out what's going on and so we're used to him stopping and smelling things and He was doing that by this bush. One day and you know he's smelling and all of a sudden he just starts rolling in..

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