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In to episode pick migraine rings going to be so so first government stephen smith that's a sweeping which is called different you're welcome through so what religion is going to take a break nadal we go get through the weekend which is that the globe people want to know which your thoughts are everybody was upset you weren't on purpose let's do conroy g now listen ending labourfianna thank you see jay press conference why rush hour i saying the outlet from hi this is cj from the same no um more in compton california these issues the nso i tell you because i know you loved it what's the bonetti care again because we're praise tania and time is all about the awards show but the bitch than cracked nancy's knees so should we be praise in good quality when everybody's where in all these dresses in which at i know it's not sexual but at the same time where he held his hands you watch i tung m and i have met means kerrigan she's banning when you i am nimit hunting may have enough to were you watch i tanya you do sympathise with tania a law because she grew up in a real hard hard way yes and had a lotta shit thrown her way doesn't excuse anything that being said it wasn't really her as the mastermind behind that attack on according to film on nancy kerrigan which was my favorite thing not the attack i don't want that but the drama surrounding all of that i was asked thing ever i bought front row seats for thirteen years old and let me tell you something my parents didn't know at that point right right i was like my brother.

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