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Are relaxing rules for essential workers who may have been exposed to the new corona virus but ari sick to return to work I don't have any symptoms we don't have a temperature and I don't have any reason to believe that they have the corona virus and they practice social distancing infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci says they can't let up now and social distancing not before the end of April and maybe longer that is a strain on the American public but it's just something that we have not only the only two it's the best tool doctor about he says it could be awesome before we're back to normal routines but people will still need to practice frequent hand washing them Jackie Quinn Washington with a check on our weather here's news three Kelly current we're looking at mostly cloudy skies chances for showers and mountain snow again on and off throughout the day today sixty one degrees that's the forecast final status today with winds out of the southeast at about five to ten miles per hour keep listening for updates throughout the day from news three your weather authority cloudy fifty in Las Vegas I'm John chamberlain who won a one five F. M. seven twenty AM Kate on Las Vegas old FM news talk station with a look at the roads here's John Michael this report sponsored by ace the helpful place the power outage in the eight nine one two two zip code in east Las Vegas still a factor affecting traffic on Russell road between ninety five and boulder highway and also affecting traffic on Tropicana and in other areas to the east of there as well expect darkened intersections.

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