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Speech is moving its it fluid and it's not published formally yeah we got to do one we're gonna see how it goes and then we move to the next one okay that was you can see that the conversation and everything else the governor i spoke about at seven thirty am i right tv in fact providence have been night for dean your state of mine i think my right tv's actually playing the governor of massachusetts in his state of the state stay the commonwealth address uh until that runs along the uh the tv show will run runners in its entirety 730 uh or seven 740 or 745 or whatever uh newsmaker line we go chris maxwell runs the round charges association chris could afternoon our you very well did you hear all that yeah i did uh talk well uh again question uh first and foremost uh if they've gone through this lengthy uh to uh put this skiing together you would think that they would be on much firmer legal ground there to provoke a lawsuit um which people so for all things all down so uh yeah i uh i i think picked uh you don't stick uh our our strategy remains to be uh uh to be seen uh we are certainly uh not not perhaps kind of job to the the notion that we have to sue out of the blocks uh that's uh that's a legal term i think coal latches la c h e s uh that's very to me we've added that um there's there's nothing that that says that we uh legally or bow to to sue out of the blocks uh and and that may surely not be the case what is that the alleges the legislature illegal concept yeah legal concept in in in in in o on uh you know which means he draws you out at world gatien wrote you it should draw you went immediately rather than uh if you have a case uh it should run you end immediately uh rather than having you want to sit back and and in time your case showman and we we've added that and they didn't don't see it as a factor uh uh the cause the fact is a a fully fullblown network um as you just eluded to may up may provide us with uh uh better uh.

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