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Can we get? Uh like an N F T of that goal from Jose Torres? Is that how it works? You up on the N F t. I don't know what I know what I know what a gift is. I have no idea what an N F T is dribbling into the box to Shane Beckford across the face The goal. And it's saved by Jeff do snob. What's an N F T. Non fungible token. It's how the world the Cryptocurrency and Nerd alert. Yep. Me Elon musk and, uh, A prince of Bahrain. Are you going? Are you going? Pull Bryson do shambo and comparing yourself that you want most Mhm. The first name that came into my head. Or a guy that is trying to beat us over the head with crypto currency. That's not what you come here for. There's a thing with the NBA that you could buy, like a moment and that's what Yeah, I saw that on real sports. Yeah. Yeah, you can buy like a digital card. That's that's that's okay, okay. Okay? All right. First rule of comedy. If you have to explain the job, the joke is not very good, okay? So, um, Mayor Copa 68th minute. Getting to the 69th switchbacks with a two nothing lead. They could feel the rail monarchs. Little bit aggrieved about that. First one, but just nothing they could do about the second. What a strike from Jose Torres. They've got an awful long way to Climb back uphill to try to get back into this match. And we'll see how much they press forward. It feels like they're trying to. I mean, when you have 16 points, why not? Why are you going to sit back and just try to Counterattack. Real monarchs pushing for, but that leaves them extremely vulnerable in the switchbacks now feeling pretty good about themselves. The rhythm they've gotten into Matt Mahoney with it on the near sideline. Yes, And with so much of the possession for the switchbacks, the opening Pretty nice 69 minutes of this match switchbacks getting a little bit more space now in midfield, some of the legs from the visitors getting a little bit tired as they've been chasing the ball around quite a lot, especially in the second half. Jose Torres. Just scored a One of the best goals you'll ever see. Gives it to Matt Mahoney now into the box, and Haji Berry stepped over the ball. He thought he added teammate waiting to fire that one home. He was the teammate. I was supposed to fire that one home. All back out towards midfield, filling my ankle with it Switchbacks still pressuring Andre Lewis on the far side. Lewis a little bit behind my AKA Philip goes to get it now. Jose Torres has it. Give me Oxford. To the near side, Haji Berry. Very one on two gives it off to the shame, Beckford. Love to see him get a goal here in the last 20 minutes. Felt my office about to come on for the switchbacks. Sorry, Beverly Mac and deal is about to come on for the switchbacks to replace Philip Miyako. Matt Mahoney to the middle for Andre Lewis. Louis to Stephen Echeverria tried to turn on his man and second defender came to help out still employ on the near side. Now taken away by Stephen Echeverria. He'll send it in the box headed away. By the Monarchs. Now. Andre Lewis near sideline to Jose Torres. Pull up from there, Jose! No, you know, pass it back to the midfield circle. Will be closer to the 30 yards that I called the first time he had In the end. Which backs once again, side decided where down those legs. I mean, he does it. He does that from six yards out, and I'm infinitely impressed. Here's Matt Mahoney overlapping run of IG buried Very on the end line passes back to Mahoney. Over to Jose Torres Torres go to reverse fields here. Switchbacks now with it on the far side, Sebastian Andersson. Anderson to the middle for Phillip. My Arca flips it around. His defender flips it again. Now a header by one of the oncoming defenders. Get to the Jeff do snob. And news now will grab it. Score remains to nil 72nd minute Here at Widener Field. Haji bury his 21st Jose Torres, his first Used up sends it downfield, played first by Halsey. Cause he gets it ripped away by the Shane Beckford back for dribbling in the shame back for sidesteps over to Haji Perry. Barry couldn't get around his defender. And Andre Lewis on the far side, but you feel like something's building here. Andre Lewis feeds into the corner back Sebastian Andersson sends it across the basic goal. Whoa! Bit of everyone's reach out of play. Real monarchs will have it. To be a throat. That's what I was thinking. And as Roland promised, Beverly Ma Qing Guo will make his way into the contest for Phillip. My aka Or Bev. It will be his 19th the parents of the season and once again You come away very impressed with fill in my back and what he does in the midfield. 100% correct Just little Energizer Bunny right in the heart of the switchbacks engine room. Just roaming around the entire game. Relentless work ethic, winning balls back really smart as well with his forward passes. Had a nice little mid form. Part of a nice little mid mid field three with Andre Lewis and Jose Torres in this match Makin Villa on he'll just sit right in front of the back. Four Look to help the switchbacks. Shut up shop. Growing here from the near side for real monarchs. Substitution with McConville a coming in brought to you by William J. Hebel Sports Medicine and Performance Center. Learn more at Hippel Center..

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