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Make their workers get covid vaccine? This is the 1 30 report. I'm Sandy Collins. Breaking now It's a question that's been floating around offices in schools, factory floors, Vermont's Can employers actually forced their workers to get a covid 19 vaccination to keep their jobs ABC Jim Ryan is in Texas were a federal judge has provided an answer. US. District Judge Lynn Hughes has ruled that Houston Methodist Hospital was within its rights to require its employees to get a covid shot. 178 of those workers have been suspended for refusing. But Attorney Gerald would feel insists people should be able to make their own healthcare decisions. Someone shouldn't be required to be a human guinea pig in order to keep their jobs. Judge Hughes has agreed with the hospital that requiring vaccinations is meant to keep staff patients and their families safe. Woodfield promises an appeal. Jim really an ABC NEWS Dallas Now let's get the latest traffic and weather together in the UC health traffic Center. You see health urology provides expert care for urologic cases, including prostate conditions. Visit UC health dot com slash services slash urology for details. They've cleared an accident North beyond 75 past Kyle's lane. The delay at the bridge there about 10 minutes from the cut in the hill on South found 75 delay at the bridge there eight minutes from Liberty Street. They've also cleared a couple of broken down South 75 at the Donaldson exit and east to 75 near three mile. I'm Rob Williams news radio 700 wlw. The latest forecast from the train heating and cooling weather Center on news radio. 700 wlw 87 mostly sunny and not as humid this afternoon. Nice little change out there Tonight. We're actually dropping to the upper fifties under a clear sky and then tomorrow beautiful sunshine here in the tri state, but a big difference in temperatures will only top out at 79 from your severe weather station. I'm nine first morning, meteorologist Jennifer Catch Mark NewsRadio, 700. Wlw Right now in Cincinnati. We're at 87 degrees Benjamin Netanyahu is out as Israel's prime minister. Netanyahu has been ousted by the new government. He served as his nation's leader for 12 years now to prime ministers will serve for two years of peace. A B C. C.

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