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Young man named Julio Gaviria had shown up drunk too much and was making a fuss over a girl refusing to dance with with him without warning Pablo drew a small five chamber revolver and shot the man in the foot. The incident was reported to the police release and Pablo was arrested and sent to jail although he was released soon after when Julio Gaviria dropped the charges it was Pablo's first brush with the law since his early childhood Pablo was driven and ambitious. He told his friends and family the one day he would be the President of Columbia and his goal was to have one million Colombian pesos in the bank. Bobby Tom. He was thirty now. In the late. Nineteen sixties Pablo was determined to earn his fortune as fast as he could. Hey and his friends indulge in various petty streets scams selling contraband cigarettes and fight lottery tickets. They rubbed a delivery truck making off with deodorant and sites which they sold to shops for half price by the nineteen seventies. The group began stealing new cars from dealerships then replacing the Lawson's plights with those is that they had removed from Rick vehicles before selling the stolen cars on in February nineteen seventy-three age twenty three Pablo orphaned. He's first savings account at the Banco Industrial Colombiana making an initial deposit of one thousand one hundred and sixty Colombian pies is in November of the same year he deposited a further one hundred fourteen thousand and sixty two pesos he was living up to his declaration and was fast becoming a wealthy young man in December that year he met and began saying Victoria Eugenia Genia Hanadova Yoho Victoria Neo was on the thirteen eleven years Pablo junior the Hannah's would the wealthiest theus family in Lopez and owned a successful store sailing fabrics electronics school supplies and expensive lotions among other things although Victoria's parents disapproved the relationship between the two deepened over the next six months in mid nineteen seventy-four full Pablo was stopped while driving a stolen Reynaud and was sent to Ladera prison in medigene he was placed in his cell with Alberto tow Prieto a man known as the Godfather who had made a fortune smuggling whiskey cigarettes and Elektronik into Columbia to sell in measuring Prieto also had ties with powerful Colombian figures including politicians and judges after the pay became friends Pablo listened to prieto intently learning valuable information about the godfathers business model after two months in la La Ladera prison Pablo was released after Prieto made arrangements for evidence from the stolen Renault disappeared a few weeks later prieto offered his former CEO might job guarding the caravans and trucks dip brought the contraband goods from the port of Turbo located on the Caribbean coast based. Pablo insisted that he's cousin Gustavo Caveat area be brought on with him and after Prieto agreed Pablo and his is cousin began. Making show of smuggling vehicles arrived safely from turbo. The two apprentices learned fast quickly earning a reputation tation for being shrewd feel as operators on one occasion. The police stopped five trucks loaded with Marlboro Cigarettes Pablo and Gustavo managed to get the trucks back within twenty four hours likely through persuasion and bribery pleased with their work. The A godfather placed them in charge of thirty five vehicles loaded with goods. The pairing shored H in every vehicle made it through the checkpoints and arrived arrive safely in managing this skills Pablo learned and husband while working for the Godfather readied him for a move into his next business venture. Yeah the cocaine business while working for PRIETA PABLO had observed some of the estates in nearby villages will using small facilities not to process a paste that have been brought from Ecuador Peru and Bolivia once processed the pace was transformed into a white powder outta cocaine curious about this venture. Pablo got in touch with an associate of the Godfather attilio Gonzalez who ran and one of the processing facilities known as a kitchen Pablo learned that Gonzalez and the other two owners if the kitchens would sell the cocaine that process to buys who'd flown in from the US now that he understood the Business Pablo and his cousin Dr Almost one thousand miles south us to work you a port city in southern Ecuador he they purchased their first five causes five kilograms of coca paste they hit the package spice above the petrol tank of Pablo's Renna then drove back to medigene when they returned Atilio Gonzalez process the five kilos paste to produce one kilogram two point two pounds of pure cocaine soon soon afterward the pair sold it to a by V six thousand. US dollars about one hundred and forty thousand Colombian pesos Pablo Escobar Kabbah and Gustavo Gaviria resigned from the job. Guarding the smuggling runs entered the world of narcotics. The two wasted no talk setting up they earn kitchen on a nearby farm and finding a supply for the required precursor chemicals used to process the coca paste they made frequent trips south to the LOA in Ecuador on the border with Peru and soon formed a partnership with coca pice distributor named Hor Hake Eliana Eliana who was also just getting started in the NOCCO business as the weeks and months past Pablo and Gustavo began bringing lodger and logic coca paste shipments back to Colombia for processing by Light Nineteen seventy-five Pablo's fledgling cocaine business was growing quickly and so were the prophets when he was twenty six he and several friends visited the bank how Industrial Colombiana and deposited Roseta check not for one million but one hundred million Colombian pesos more than three million. US Dollars Escobar had fulfilled would he's ambition one hundred fold and a full four years early as he's cocaine business grew steadily escobar continued to see Victoria despite her family's disapproval in March nineteen seventy-six Escobar was preparing to leave for a long trip to coordinate Jordan several large shipments coca paste and made a date with Victoria to say goodbye at the ice cream shop Nia hon when Victoria ask her mother's permission. Her mother forbade her from going so instead Victoria snuck out anxious to see Escobar when he I heard the story Escobar was furious. Victoria's mother wouldn't let her see him. Even though he'd be gone several months he told Victoria Toria that this couldn't go on telling her they should run away to the southern. Colombian city of pesto ticket married Victoria agreed and the two went to his cousin gustavus harm to spend the night together before they would travel to pastor the knicks die but after learning Victoria's brother brother Mario was looking for ESCA so he could kill him for corrupting the families Little Girl Escobar Victoria lift immediately flying to Kelly. We're they intended to get a connecting flight to passed as soon as they could within days of reaching pasta the COPPA were married in a low key ceremony era mony and after a week long honeymoon they returned to Lopez Envigado the newlyweds lived happily in a small house in Lopez but they happiness was short lived on June seventh nineteen seventy six one of the men working for Escobar cold toward him that Columbia's he is department of security the DAS had found a shipment of coca paste being brought from Ecuador by truck but the employees assured Escobar Escobar that the agents would accept a bribe in exchange for letting the shipment through however early the next morning as he prepared to pay off the agents. Eh prearrange meeting Escobar was arrested. The meeting had been a setup to nab as many people as possible while at the same time confiscating escaping the eight and a half kilos coca paste around nineteen pounds the next day Escobar and his accomplices were transferred to Bella L. A. Vista prison where they were booked and photographed the moment his immortalized with Escobar's Mugshot in which he grins from ear probably assuming he stint in jail would be brief while visiting her husband in prison. Victoria learned she was pregnant which spurred Escobar to do whatever was necessary to get out of jail to be with her. His lawyer pooh-poohed strings to get his client transferred to gyro meter a prison and although conditions were substantially better escobar hated being a prisoner still during a football match one day.

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