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J Ahead, do it. Tom Brady is going back to the Super Bowl. I never doubted you, Tom. Not for a second. Oh, Newell, Let's ago E. New along. What's up Goats? Welcome in my friends. The Great edit Clements. Good afternoon to you. What's that? Betty J. How are you? What? Exciting afternoon and evening of football. For the most part. Love the first game. That second game. Can anybody beat Kansas City? They told you guys told you Lamborghini on offense? Yeah. He also said you don't see how the Packers could lose. Lucky went both you loose. Um All right. Can't can grant. I'm going one on one Can't be right all the time. All the time. That's what I found out a veto. Good afternoon to you. You also were one in one in the pics, right? Yes. Like you eventually click clinched our playoff picking contest. Congratulations. I find myself clinching quite often these days. Thank you. Let me just piggyback on that one of the greatest football games I've ever witnessed. Kick things off, and I know we're going to dive deep into that. And then half of a green Bay's one of the greatest football game one of most exciting in my world. Yes, I needed that juice to me. It had everything going on for him. We'll get into that. And then you know the Chiefs just short end of that. Did what they did. I just upset I really thought that the bills Nation. The Mafia would have their heart broken yet again by getting to the Super Bowl and then having to go down on him. I didn't think there was any way that they could win. I thought maybe a miracle verse. Casey obviously didn't happen. But look, I just got to start to show off real quick. Sorry, guys, if it's a quick left turn, But I know it could probably give us a rest in peace update as well. But I have some crazy news. And that's why I love you. Jason Dick. I love you had Clements, producer Brandon. I love you, too, buddy. But it's just In this crazy covert time. And that's weird. Jason. You just saw the microphone Move. Yeah. Yeah, cause shot out to their ghost. Shut up, Shut out to my brother's Satch. And if you ever were downtown at the red eyed fly or many different door guy positions, he was a huge dude, and he slapped the base also, but I mean, he's a giant man. And he played the bass like no other died. His heart failed him last week, and I found out the news today. And I'm getting goose bumps because literally if you were in the music scene, or just we're downtown at the Red Iron Casino, El Camino or any place down there on Red River. You You knew such So I may he rest in peace, man, And it's just one of those moments where you just you don't take this for granted. I love coming in here for the sex. I love our listeners. I really do. And Jason, producer Brandon and sometimes said I love you guys. Thank you, man. Now I feel doubly bad because I've spent so many drunken nights at the red. I'd fly with you, Vito and I don't know that. I know Satch. I'm sure he's okay. Sure. That's been in each other's lives before, and I didn't know I love you, but you're a good guy. You learned people in their names, and I'm just like was you the younger guy? We're gonna get more yet. Your bombs from forever. Jason just referred to me as the younger guy. He didn't even know My name is Pete. I was just a guy who would servant legalistic more. Well, that is unfortunate, But it was not an old man beat. Oh, no, I don't think he had hit his forties yet, brother leave. That's right, you know? Oh, Mr White James. Why did broken spoke died of heart. He was in his eighties blessing out of our FM sales manager. That James is not that that day is good, bad or ugly. He's still healthy, but yeah, I did You have a story of James. Why did you ever go golfing with that? All that old guy? Because, man, he was awesome. Never played golf. I was I was in the broken spoke, but never. You know, it's one of those. Hi. Hi. How you doing? That kind of stuff. I didn't know him. Well, but it just never had to chase you out of there about 3:30. A.m.. No, I tell you what. I just hope they don't screw that deal up. Hope they don't have a condo on top or condo destroyed. The broken spoke. Don't get your hopes. That butt ugly ass condo that surrounded stay. I mean, you know good. I'm like, I don't know. I don't frequent. The brake. Broken, spoke broken spoke. But is it really still Is it still in Austin? The icon? Is it still when you walk up to it, and you look to your left, and there's a huge condo. You look to your right and there's a huge condo, but you're like, Oh, here's a genuine piece of You know what? I'm gonna run over to the smoothie King get a smoothie, and then I'm gonna come back and soak up some more. This genuine Austin article when you walk in when you walk in J, it takes you back. But you're right. When you walk up, you see this God awful condo and everything, but know what your morning more and more of our favorite places, wouldn't you say? Ed and Jason are just ending up like that house from up? Yeah, I know what I mean. Yeah, that's the Austin I know. Now rest in peace. James White rest in peace. Big Satch. Literally. You will be missed. I thought you're gonna get all emotional about Larry King for a second. So let's dig live Larry King Larry King. Well, I mean, how many people can live to be 187 Nature has to run its course It's don't have about 85 wives. Hey, we'll get to Ah, we'll get to the football in just a second, but we should point out here at the top of show Shaka Smart has coronavirus. Eyes his hair. Okay, let's let us hope. Okay, Let's hope put out a statement today, saying quote I tested positive for cocaine and em in isolation away from our team in my family. I'm working remotely and look forward to re joining our team in person when it is safe to do so long words and played in. I missed them 10 days now. 10 days. Yeah, What do you do on Saturdays? There's no football now There's just 101 outside was on there today. I was like Hey, and let's Cove it hits. They're playing tomorrow verse Oklahoma, And then the news came out that shock has got the Romans. Well, they test again today and they're still playing. Yeah, well, it will be interesting because he's obviously been around. You know, I think that test again today we'll find out if any of the players and I should point out that they missed the last two games because of coronavirus. With Iowa State with TCU. Not because of anything with the right horn program, but yeah, we'll find out soon enough. What's going to happen? They're supposed to play here versus Oklahoma tomorrow night, then travel to Kentucky. Guess game on Saturday, so we will see what the situation is there. Obviously, hopefully coaches all right, sort of makes you think how I am. I am a cold hearted person who thinks what does this mean for our dream season that we're in the middle of Coach getting coronavirus right here in the middle. And maybe do I have some Vito optimism? Burnt orange optimism bubbling in me. I'm like if this was it, this was a bad sports movie. This would be but did that's exactly what this team needs is.

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