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No it yeah there's nothing wrong with their it's just waged are criticizing it online all level that basically you're saying it select because you didn't like it 'cause you're not into it is basically taking away you know the people that are into it i just think that there is something it if you're indo horror films go stories you're probably appreciate the spill a lot more than if you're not basically yeah and this can segue into we're gonna talk a little bit about the sequels now i know that you haven't seen other thurman i'm actually going to talk about that one really really believe briefly but uh because it's not really were watching but that last year it really is let's take it was either 2015 in 2016 early 2016 uh the movie blair which came out third in eastern simply a quote series of blair which films um it had been made under a fake title called the woods and it wasn't until a panel at san diego comecon when they showed the sizzle real trailer whatever the theory actually revealed that this view was a third blair which movie it's a found footage filmed that is essentially an and before we were on eric i i basically said it's the highlight its highlander the final dimension wary is essentially a rehash of the entire first film except the conceit is that the the main character drags his friends along um his girlfriend's documentary filmmaker and he's looking he's heather donahue's younger brother he's looking for her.

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