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The big questions. Like, how do you spell? Cliven. It's K L A V A N. So I have to talk about Jim look at me. I'm Jim Acosta because I know that that's what he wants. When somebody want something that badly to be talked about looked at that badly. You gotta do it. You just gotta give it up for. Now. You what what happened basically since since I've been here is that he was a federal judge gave him back. His press pass is hard pass to the White House was taken away without the art Passi would've had to apply every day for past the White House. And of course, would give them a pass to anything. So that would have been a problem so CNN sued which was absurd and the judge temporarily he issued an injunction saying he his fifth is article five right to due process was violated because there was no hearing, and there were no rules and his first amendment rights were. I'm sorry fifth amendment. And I met rights were violated by taking away. Now this I'm not a lawyer. But this seems to me completely absurd. I mean, Donald Trump doesn't it doesn't seem like the president even has to give a press conference. Let alone give a hard pass to any one particular reporter. But that's what the judge said. And now, they'll work it out. Now, I just wanted to go back. The thing for me about this has been the reaction of the press the press stood in solidarity with the cost even though sources say that many people just hate the guy. He's a show boater. He's a second east really a second rate clown. I mean, he is just ridiculous. The question that he asks at the time you remember was when he said you called the caravan an invasion, but it's not an invasion, which is like who cares? What you think accosted Trump wonderfully said, we have a difference of opinion. So obviously, this is a guy who thinks his opinion matters his his job is to put his opinion next to the president of the United States. And somehow that's pointing out that Trump as a different opinion. I'm not sure. What the hell he's doing? But the most important things he wants people to look at him after he won the temporary injunction got his art passback. He shows up wonderful piece of videos, he shows up and begs the press to interview when asked a question, I could just tell you. I. I I just want to say that I'm very grateful for what happened today and grateful my colleagues in the press who stood by roll this this this was a test. And you know, I think we'd pass the test. So so I love that. You guys wanna ask me question? Could you ask you, please please as a question and look at me look at me up. And of course, we have to add in here that, you know, in the in the court case, the Trump lawyers came in and kinda tried to steamroll the judge a little bit. They said, you know, we can ban. Anybody we want which probably got the judges backup. It probably was not the best argument. They could've made they should have gone in. And just said, hey, he was disruptive. He wasn't following the rules. And he obviously was when the young intern came and tried to take Mike away. He strangled her to death screaming at me. I'm Jim Acosta or it wasn't that bad. But it was still pretty bad. And you've made a big fuss about everything, and the whole thing was useless. The thing is the thing is about a cost of the we have to step back for just a minute. Jim Acosta is the news media. Jim Acosta is the news media. Here's what I mean. This incident happened right after Donald Trump came out after the midterm election and made some pretty bipartisan noises. I mean, they were Trumpian bipartisan noises they came along with some belligerence. He said if you start investigating me, I'm gonna investigate you will be at war. But his main the main thrust of the speech, he made was okay now, the Democrats have the house. Let them make some laws, and let us do some deals and do some trading which is what conservatives like me worried about with Trump all along that he would drift to the left if ever the left started dealing dealing with them..

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