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Trader Joe's moments from the podcast so far. I love it because we often will do three or four chew Intel reviews in an episode. And now we're going to you don't have to fast forward and. Rewind. We're going to give them to you all in one place. It's true. And we have had to trader Joe's episodes. If you haven't listened to those you should go back, and listen, of course, today, we're just going to mix it up and make it the best of TJ's exciting. Can't wait. I know. I can't wait either. A good job. Mike is all to you. This is all on me, my idea now, it's all on me. No pressure. But you do have some news for us. Right. Do. All right. Trader Joe's has announced via their podcast, which they have one. In case, you didn't know they were few new items that they're launching this holiday season. We're not sure when they're coming out. But when they do we end Lawley will be trying them. Now, you ask why Lally right because trader Joe's is coming out with an advent calendar for dogs. My God come with twelve different dog bones. This four. The best news. I've heard all day. And so we don't know if it's going to be twelve so the last twelve days leading up to Christmas or twenty four starring December first, we don't know yet chair does, you know, they're secretive. They don't let us know when anything happens, they just appear in the store, and then we know they happen. So when they do Lawley is going to have a review for every day for us. Right. Absolutely. No pressure Lally. Is this the first Adleman calendar for docs, probably have to do some research. But probably that's big news. Yeah. There's more. Okay. So besides the haven't counter for dogs. They're going to have I'm gonna say this wrong, boo shade day Noel ice cream that right? It's like those ice creams that look like logs like you cut rates like a log, and you cut it open. There's like different flavors. No like with bread. Like, I have no idea. What shading Noel ice cream is? But it looks like a log, and you cut it open and there's like different it's almost like ice cream. Yeah. I've seen ice cream logs. I didn't know they had a fancy French. Attempted temp that from shade data. Well, and translates to you log. Oh, that's great. You go could be wrong. All right. Well, keep going now. This is what I'm most excited about Turkey and stuffing potato chips. That's incredible potato chip tastes like Turkey and stuffing. They stole that from lays. They do lays does all the chicken and waffle. Really? Okay. That's okay, though. No, that's the thing to do. Now. It's like, they're MAC and cheese, candy canes and rotisserie chicken, candy canes. You know, who started all of this Jones soda? Oh, yeah. They had those crazy soda packs. Every year. I don't know if they still do it. But they had the holiday like the head thanksgiving soda gravy flavored and Turkey flavored cranberry sauce flavored. So everybody's just jumping novelty though, they don't really expect to eat those things do they. I mean, I don't I don't know. I know I would love sandwich with potato chips and Turkey and stuffing and cranberry that'd be good. That sounds delicious. I would try to potato chips. Yeah. Me too. Rice cauliflower stuffing organic cold pressed.

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