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I absolutely love Jordan Davis for the Patriots in the first round. If he's there, we were texting about this before the show. And this draft in the first round, it feels like there's 19 maybe 20 really good prospects for the Patriots in the first round. If you take out the quarterbacks and God help us all if they draft a guard in the first round. So let's take out the guards also. And you just look at all the other positions. And I think that Jordan Davis is right near the top of my list, if not the top guy in terms of what might be available to the Patriots at 21. Probably a more of a two down nose tackle at this point in terms of where he's going to fit in the NFL. And so maybe not a top ten top 15 guy. If this is 20 years ago, he's going top 5, right? This guy can move at 6 foot 6, 340 pounds and absolute mountain can't be moved off the line of scrimmage. Can't single block him. Dominant run defender. Where do you stand on the Patriots taking Jordan Davis because he does have a somewhat limited athletic profile to be the DT. He's not Christian barmore, right? He's a different than that. He's so, by the way, he's not 26 he's 22, I don't know where that came from. He's so athletic. I think he I think he's a three down player. I think he gets underrated his pass rusher. And if he's on the board I'd snag him, I still think there's no shot he makes it to 21. I look at, I said this on the show a couple weeks ago. Derek Brown from auburn was a 7th round pick by the 7th overall pick by the Panthers. What was that two years ago now? Yes. Jordan Davis, nothing against Derek Brown I think Derek brown's a 5 fine player. Jordan Davis miles add where Derek Brown was when he went 7th overall. I think he's going to pop at the combine. I'm like, he's three, 40. He's going to run around a 5. He's going to run around a 5 second four. He's that athletic. I.

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