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We do bill for show eleven sixty two starting with a nissan norell. I'm sorry no. I'm sorry larry may in mooresville north carolina one thirty eight thirty eight he should do something. Form <unk> includes the eighty eight eighty eight thank you this congratulates ran versity sir roger on ice eight eight. These are people congratulating me and maybe we're having a meet up today. In berkeley it'd be at hawks are not going to be that many peoples good time to come <hes> sir roger on ice baron. Ask karen of the blue moon happy anniversary were ryan-brady eighty eight eighty eight christopher gray charles schultz not the peanut charles shulz clay alcom klay alchemist name <hes> mark hampton tin robert marsh owner visit the rubber maginot <hes> eric von martyr and sarah gardner of the insane diego and eric is <hes> the valley's baron out there in cal- valley's. I'm sorry sir eric then on were with richard hubbard eight. Oh eight sorry boob boop boop anonymous boob eight. Oh eight bob bryan pearson six six dot six six home your own second anonymous in the netherlands added this donations for patrick big line because the issue this year. I edged up his birthday. Could you say sorry for me. Okay done one way of doing if you have to say sorry about anything to anybody for any unreason boob donate nation booth that no agenda show we'll read your note. I'm a big boob. A boob donation yeah yeah acres stumbled onto a new source of income and holding my breath brian. Do you might be surprised brian peer. Would i'm putting the gauntlet down brian pearson six six dot six six pair ingvar son suite of is in sweden. Please never stop okay. The else godi john on makovsky fifty five ten. Hey guys thanks a tim lang. In mount prospect illinois twenty five ten matthew dernie fifty four thirty two michael gates fifty to eighty eric schmidt in frankfurt deutschland deutschland. He says job karma works sir milkman fifty one fifty see note he the orange county meet up. Yes they sent. Is that the one send us the out. There's somebody sent. I think it was the orange county meet upset. Noah tennessee meet upset a sheet with a map of tennessee and signatures all all over it oh nice and they sent two of them one for you. Oh did remind break. No satiric got it. I'll send it to you. Okay maxine waters gravel back with five. Oh five was overboard for one day vacationing in port robert wjr washington. Yeah i know where it is. <hes> math <unk> jokester. I will not go into to matthew greis. Fifty following people are fifty dollars donors name location but he does have a no. I'm not sure read anything fifty but all i've got available right now. I'm afraid you just send anymore. My kid will be eating stale bread. No drake the out of the toilet for a month so if you could see your way clear to a d. dushi in a health card the health carmody m._d. Dushi now spend deep doo jonathan mary airy meyer in xenia ohio. Had these are fifty dollar donors heather rodriguez in stockton california edward missouri in memphis tennessee to see larry. Hey in mooresville north carolina. I think it's short hair larry tony smith in fort worth texas ryan diablo parts unknown jim knight of the tug hill plateau and he has got happy birthday. We got the call out there for you. Also the call out for matthew <hes> that's concludes israeli shortlist today. Unfortunately thursdays have not been up to par on. Thank these folks for helping us out on show eleven sixty two well. It's also very nice that people did some people did think of <hes> the anniversary celebrations do can i ask how many years you have been together and married now. Blesses us is eight eight eighty eight. The chinese lucky number. Were millions of dollars is a license plate. You can figure it out thirty one and they never had a fight never.

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