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This is his chance to finally get that two hundred podium before he retires and based on how he's been racing that seems just a little tiny bit farfetched right but it might not be because valet has had some serious mojo at his home track in the past even later in his career at attract. That seemed so many. Different winners valentino. Rossi has the best record of anyone here. Marc marquez included. Same number victories as mark three wins and six podiums. Now it's been a while since he's been on the box but he was only four tenths of a second away from the podium last year one year ago was four tenths of a second way and he finished fourth into the last three misano races heck. He's even qualified really well here later on in his career something. He struggled mightily with this season. But the last time that valet started lower than seventh at san marino was back in two thousand eleven and that was on coty and that was the only time in his entire career since they started racing there in two thousand seven that he started lower than seventh. So this and the other misano race they legitimately are his best last chances. He's at his home track. Eleven awesome helmet every fan. That they let in is going to be pulling for him. Could this be number two hundred. I'm not to sure not terribly confident. But if he makes it happen. The place will absolutely bonkers entire country. We'll go absolutely bonkers next up on. My list is ryder. That's been doing about as well as valentino lately. that's beguel oliveira and things certainly have not been trending his way and i'm assuming that the majority of that has to do with his wrist of far more than he would readily admit to his performance. Dropped off a cliff in the wake of that injury but he was stellar prior to that. And i would imagine that performance is going to start to creep back in although i should probably be aiming more for circuit of the americas after the break a couple of weeks to rest rather than putting him on my list. With a quick turnaround from era gonda macedo but still miguel was fifth. Imerese to here last year and that was after starting fifteenth the grid some going to have a little bit faith in him and say that he's a deep sleeper. Pick to do something interesting in this race and other sleeper. Pick an ahah bassiouny. These surprise finisher for me at least baragan outside of petco. But i mean a win wasn't much of a surprise when it comes to just the battle between him and mark was but best teeny a rookie on a two year old. Do coty didn't just finished sixth but to do that. He had the past race winners. This season like fabio quarrels. And where he martine bread bender and the timing of that performance could not have been better to set him up for a breakthrough race because all of that momentum from oregon could easily carry through to san marino a place where he was fantastic last year emoto to with a win and a third actually that was his final win of the championship run came at san marino and on top of that he was bored just a few miles away from the track so the hometown motivation is going to be huge. And it's the vr forty-six home track as well so on to kati italian writer right next to where he grew up right next to where forty six academy is hill even have special berry berry pink livery for the race in. I don't know what the ceiling is yet for an seaney especially on an old bike and hyper competitive field. But i would not be surprised at all to see him. Step it up again with another career. Best or near career-best mood gp result. So those are the ryder center officially on my watch list but one more that a half dimension that of course is the returning guy andrea of so now. He's not officially on the watchlist. Okay i wanna make that perfectly clear but he is making his return to the motor. Gp grid and his return to a satellite yamaha for the first time since two thousand twelve. The reason i bring him up though. This isn't a bad track for his return. Andre so was one race here in two thousand eighteen. He was on the podium in two thousand seventeen and he's finished top. Five at the semen celli circuit seven times at the motor. Gp level last year. He was just okay finishing seventh or eighth but his average finish last season was six point six nine so those numbers are kinda right in there with what you'd expect from him. I'm not. I'm not taking the overly optimistic gamble on dobie this week that it did a maverick vanilla upon his return at arrogant. But i will certainly be interested to see. How lovie doesn't this race. And i'll be interested to see if his presence on the other petronas bike can somehow sperling valentino rossi as both old guys try to prove to everybody that they've still got a little bit of that magic left to show off in front of their hometown fans so that officially wraps up the writers. We're gonna talk about that. Means there's one more thing to do. The part of dreading ever since the show started net is make picks for race that i think is impossible to pick in a season. That's impossible to pick. But i'm going to give it a go here. A top five finishers spread. This weekend's san marino gp in italy starting theft. Going doctor on this one. Valentine are us and i hope. I hope that i'm wrong here. I hope that what really happens is he gets on the podium and the italian crowd goes absolutely mental jumps over the fences in the walls and floods track now. I'm really not sure that's going to happen. I think i'm being really really optimistic by saying how finish theft but end of his career. Not like we just talked about. Rossi is still always quick here. And if there's any track where that old sunday magic is gonna show up again. This is the one. So i'm going to pick the doctor to finish top five so rossi and fifth in fourth one spot ahead of him his former teammate fabio coiro and not on the podium coming off that lackluster aragon performance tires or not. It's a little bit of a concern so because the field is going to be so competitive. I think it'll be strong but not go out and dominate some not quite chirpy skin land on the podium or not some picking fabio fourth and then on the podium. I'll start with marc marquez. Who's one here three times before and last week. He showed us just how close to the old marquee can be. His is the only question for me with no time off between rounds. So i'm going to put him at the back of the podium in third in second show am mirror. This is good. Track for mir. An suzuki the last weekend i think he would have been able to be close to the leaders. Had he gotten off to a better start if mere wants to make any kind of run at the championship. He's gotta go. he's gotta start right now. he's got to figure out a how to get past fabio quad. Charro am be how to get on the top step of the box. So he's really gotta turn it up. This is a track where he's proven can do it. So i think he will step up but i'm only going to put them in second because the winner for me in this race petco back nyum homefield advantage a ton of momentum and a do khadi that can handle. We've already seem one factory to colorado take two in a row this season. It could happen again here with bag nyas so that's my top. Five for the same reno. Gp and fifth valentino rossi home for fabio quad sharara and on the podium marc marquez joanne. Mir and your winner. Petco back naya..

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