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But who's next let's go what was the magic number would you say was forty two hundred two and a half two and a half again uh bases like most in the mix because we don't really get much basketball takes actually I love that thing him wearing headbands around his arms yes yup the best thirty seven and a half all right so forty one forty one last year it really is there's two hundred thirty five million dollars for I you got everything out of that you know we're going to get that he made them all stars from all the seven thirty five feels low for a team that won forty one last year now it also feels like that forty one I won't say best case scenario no you're right I'm going under I'm going under two and that's plus plus a little bit plus one oh five so people are taking the over people are taking the over yet last one thirty five like they added they drafted see Kubis eighteen I don't know what he's given initial so what would they improved on from last year to this year so I would if anything on trading drumming the last thing I want from Detroit it's draft picks because they stink at the draft well that was the old Casey and I can remember the guy there now when Stan van was running bad new Henry Eighth Home Fifteen I was Stanley Stanley was excuse me sometimes I get mock drafts an actual drafts read so many of them mixed up my head and I remember when he was coming out of high school it's like a senior people being like a top ten pick the other like this named henry is the real throwing the last time he'll true fucking Henry the hang I was gonna say but he's not a head sorry I call exclusively that's the name he prefers really yeah he doesn't like Hank well tell me over I'll think they're gonNA like set the world on fire but like them winning if they don't win thirty eight it's a failure of a season Susan is very average year they should also like cancel bats if like one of the three best players on the team gets traded for nothing see this is why futures fuck me all the time because one there's there's there's injuries and also I hate on your account that you have always something at risk because it's like you need that money for this week 'cause you down so much so now I'm adding more and I'm GonNa be down the whole so futures are tough but I do there is fun like Smitty this year had the mets eighty five and a half they one eighty five the worst pete and they were up four two in the middle of the night for win eighty six they're up for and it was something you'd already counters a loss and then the mets went on some huge winning streak in August and he was like this is alive and then they're up for two in the night and it was against wasn't against the braves didn't even need the winds and Chuck and somebody had bit for not even next year but the year after he's like no like twenty twenty eight the white sox are going to be sick me the white sox most relevant team in the world knowing who's a fuck about him to win the division doesn't twenty they'll be okay sure knowing that's true they don't the Chicago Bolts team that won twenty two games last year thirty you and a half people are hammering the over I like that over to it's a big I can't believe twenty two wins bad so that's why I feel good about the over what I injury last year they did even twenty two that's that's sons territory very much trying to lose towards the end and also during the middle of the beginning gone by they got dead young I like that young not your of if Lori Post All-star breakages him now these install monster I dated text let me say are we about to get some ass I don't know what context that offices I don't know what this is but yeah that's while distracted probably not doubtful for sure not of the livestream you're doing now no Koby White Pussy in North Carolina.

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