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Hello everyone. This is Rebecca five guest with sofi and Kelly on the voter in segment of two bras and welcome to this show where really excited about doing this. We're hoping that you will find it. Interesting invaluable, and inspirational and most important we're looking forward to sharing what we know and working together to make this dream of voting in our next woman. President come true. So let your friends snow welcome. And let's get going. Thanks. Are you listening? Heavy one. This is Kelly with two broads talking politics. We are back for our fifth episode of the vote hurt in series. I am here with my co host Sophie, hey, Sophie. Hey, Kelly and joining us again is our partner in this venture author Rebecca sigh of Hira Becca high to be here yet, thanks for joining us again. So for listeners who have not been listening to the full vote her in series. You should go back and listen to the first four episodes, but we are talking about the effort to elect the first woman president in this is an especially good time to be doing it. Because there are so many women running for president. So we're going to continue the discussion that we were having in the fourth part of the series talking about some of the systemic issues that women face in becoming elected being elected to executive positions. But especially to the. Presidency. So Rebecca where would you like to pick up our conversation on this? Well, we covered a lot of ground the other day. But you know, there were some things we touched on. And I thought we could delve more deeply, and particularly now that I think the races, you know, really heating up and just read this morning that the molar reports going to be released soon. And so these candidates are going to I'm guessing being a whole new phase of you know, what they're saying and doing and campaigning. And it may well be depending on what said about the molar report, for instance, that there are some women on the Republican side who, you know, make some noise. And so in that context thought we might, you know, start today's discussion by talking about the fact that it's, you know, not a given, and we should say that out loud and discuss it that the first woman president will be pro-choice woman or even democrat, right? And that there are certainly women on the Republican side. There may be some independent women who you know. Decide to run just as men have who don't. Share the sort of progressive agenda that the four main candidates on the democratic side share. And so I thought that would be important for us to look at. And you know, there's been a lot of discussion in the past about Nikki Haley, and you know, after she resigned from the UN ambassador position, Hugh months ago. Of course, she was asked well is your next running for president? And she said, of course, no. But then in the meanwhile, you probably saw this too. She's got a book coming out. She's got some think tank projects, and there's really, you know, the possibility of that. And what does that mean, you know for women if we have a woman president who's anti-choice and quite conservative on other women's issues? I think sometimes Republicans may be like two to devoting, you know, in general, they don't seem to like women's issues. But I think sometimes. The they sort of give themselves out when they vote for women. Well, we'll look we support strong women too. And there are Republican women like Kellyanne Conway who liked to play this sort of feminism card, even though you know, really what they're doing is often not all that supportive of other women or women's rights in general. But you know, I think that that that we've ERI well could see that just like we saw Sarah Palin nominated for vice president who is, you know, certainly, no friend to women's issues were sort of an interesting question because I I recently read a book about the history of the Kucuk clan in the mid twentieth century, and you know, basically in the nineteen twenties, and there was a whole chapter on the women leaders of the clan. And I mean, I don't think I've ever heard about this before, but the author who's brilliant..

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