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It was always a huge beautiful mountain. I went there. i win. bosso walking to our. It's an archipelago. it's not amount. All these years is this is matsushima at it was beautiful but it took me a minute to turn from what i thought it was so i I would end. I would read. If i can find them which you would have bright here. Some cheap cioni which is a woman haiku writer that i found and this one. I'm going to read you this recite. Remember this was an expression of a moment that she hadn't awake and so she wrote a haiku. Now i love this one. I'm going to say it twice. Is i want you to take it in clearwater. No front nope back clear water. No front no back. So here's one. When she aged my energy can only defeat a butterfly this spring morning. Just a few little sexy ones that she said to tell you will leave with a few sexy bates is not sex life on and that you can tell. It's different than the men's writing the four men that i read not good not better worse just slightly. Different hat fades into a butterfly. I earned for him till his hat into a butterfly. I earned for him. Here's another woman's desire. Deeply rooted a wild wireless and here morning glory. The truth is a flower hates. People morning glory. The truth is flour hates people it. Maybe i shouldn't leave with that. But this was a one you know. Haiku writers on their deathbed they write a haikou. Here was one of hers. She wrote several. So maybe we'll end with this. I also saw the mood has for this world. Goodbye read it again. I also saw the moon as for this world Heard by whole world's in three lines. Yeah listening and feeling like how these move us in ways that at least for me. My mind can't get it. It's it's almost this energetic. The space relent. There's not there's not like a cognitive grasping you know that you can't just yeah it's just it's just a mood that takes over with each one. Thank you dear net. What her. Oh my gosh for all you shared with ash and i want to thank all of you. Who are watching listening part of this. Wish each and every one of you deepest number stay in blessings for more talks meditations and to learn about my schedule. Join my email list. Please visit tara. Brach dot com..

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