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Welcome back to the program on a monday morning from the outer collusion specialist studios. I am -tainer swint. I appreciate this guy being so flexible. Miles boom heart with the colorado and joining us miles. You had a fun weekend down umpiring the state softball tournament. Yeah what a great and exciting event down at the aurora sports complex. That's you know. Twenty fields three four and five a distant. The number of i. It amazes me every year. I get to go down there. You get selected privileged to go down there and honored but then number of fans down. There is incredible. It's a it's a really exciting event. Is there added pressure there miles for you when when you're when you're up in a game like that i was listening to our broadcast of the three semifinals between eaten and university and it seemed like the home plate. Umpire was a little tight with zone. A couple of times which can happen. You know you we do. We do longer pre games and We have a lot of games. We have observers at all the games and you know because you wanna give your best effort in every game but especially when you get to the the state you know playoffs Fortunately i've been down there enough and doing enough college that you know. I don't get real nervous. I'm excited because i'm like the players when your untiring or officiating basketball or whatever. It's just like you're playing the game and that's i said before you know this. That's what makes it so fun. I i love it. Yeah no. I definitely understand that. So let's talk about a couple of teams that made their way down there. Obviously all eyes were on fossil ridge the defending state champs but they came up just a little short. Yeah they lost one zip to number two. Columbine fossil ridge is number three and nikki gasoline in her career Incredible career and in fact that team i think in the last four seasons. I think they've been in the semifinals. At least twice. They wanted one last year and Got beaten the semi finals. If you're nikki's going to go to arkansas. She's a tremendous pitcher who You know really was the heart and soul of that team they. They didn't quite have enough often. This year But they had really good pitching and and you know again. It's like a goalie in hockey. If you have a really good fast pitch pitcher you're probably gonna go a long way. Yeah no there's there's no doubt about that miles nikki mcgaugh and somebody that we've been watching for quite some time Has just been incredible. And you know one zero game. I think kevin lionel had a nice little. Write up about it as well. Just just couldn't find that one key hit you know..

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