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The worst traffic in american um amodio la are at present it out over the scoreboard and see how you guys did with jose uh no my landlord just texted me being too loud by law a knee god i love you so much you got one correct alpine guys got a couple of questions in and flurry we did not win the money but this was the funniest addition of winberg's by russell after and i feel good about that i appeal looks really mean that too i do you deserve it there and i'll give it to the other and let's go over the answers last night mariah goss who became the first american woman to land the triple axel liane only two other women have ever done in the history of the games what's it the largest freshwater lake in the world is located right here in our country is lake superior out i don't ha one thousand seven hundred square miles shared by michigan minnesota and wisconsin what process food translates a little golden things in spanish derycoe's yet the french fries was the natural choice hey what we're dribble who was invented in the '60s and was originally calls nursing snowboarding it was called sn urging short for snow surfing timbuktu israel place to a false that's true it's located in mali africa and for the sixth year in a row what city was voted as having the worst traffic in america that will be los angeles la drivers span average of one hundred two hours in congested traffic in 2017 new york dig with second on that list me found the not guys yeah when the money but.

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