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I know seconds you asked about jordan lov him see if i was a packers out he'd be on the market now that he doesn't have a future but he's not gonna see field for minimum of three more years. You're going to give aaron rodgers. probably a new contract he is. He's the mvp. Italy so his games right jordan loves not going to see anything other than taking a kneel down at the end of the game if he's lucky over the next three years so trade him for a first round pick get an asset for him and then in three years. It'll be another guy that you could draft like jordan love and was well you get an experience. Well he's also dt's inexperienced. We're losing some time with him and the packers could get another player to. Why wouldn't you do it. And i think journalists good player but dosage. I would probably put him if if jordan love was in this draft. I would still go one. Two and three for me would still be the same. It would be law arts wilson lance and then the battle of four five six would be love. I'd probably go fields then. The love matt johnston it would fit. He'd be first round. Pick probably higher than this draft and then the previous one because we hold guys that are i mean. He's got the ability he's a he's a big plus. The packers have seen in practice. And i'm sure they like him that he's got me he can move and he's got a big arm and he's a talented kid. I would probably he'd be in the battle for my fourth fifth. Sixth guy depending on who. I was kind of. Offense is running mac jones jordan love or just fields. The first three jordan love would not affect my thoughts on on any of the guys in front of him large. I wilson second trae lance third in my book. It would be the battle of who you are. Who's coaching you. What kind of system. I kinda like with four five and six might tennessee would think that feels would be forthwith love and mack jones in five six battle. But you'd have six first rounders. All six of them will be taken for jordan. Love would still be a first rounder. All right top sixty quarterbacks of the two thousands in college football off the top of your head just real quick. Who's number one. Just the the five guys you throw in your top five just the way. They played in college down. Not projecting is an nfl. No just college well. Two of them we've got to be t-bone liner tibo is number four on this list. Matt liner does not in the top five matt. Liner is not in the top number seventeen just now if we're going by the national title and he won't time national titles anna heisman trophy and finishing in the top three or four in the next seventeen. Ya see listen. And it's not an se thing. I'm just know that we're talking about the two thousand and yes. We're talking about college football players. Yeah quarterbacks projecting the nfl arm strength their production and how they played college and tibo should be higher fourth. It should so k. Tibo i would think this. I think when i go back and look at it i can. I can understand t-bone not being not not being staying at for like he in the top five. There's no doubt but okay. So you have trevor lawrence gotta be in their travelers. Not in the top. Five is number eleven k He's going to have one of the oklahoma guys in there. There's home quarterback in there at. It's probably does jalen hurts count. He didn't put him in there too now. Then it's going to be Probably baker mayfield baker. Mayfield is number one on this guy's list okay of all time. Tinners reasoning behind it. It began with him walking on a texas. I saw the headline. But i didn't read the article so he says quickly winning the starting job in throwing for four hundred thirteen yards in his debut. He lost his job to injury. Then trade it up landing at ou. The sooners hadn't won an outright conference title since twenty ten but he led them to three in a row with three top five finishes in to college. Football playoff bids storybook career ended within throwing in rushing for four four thousand nine hundred thirty eight yards and forty touchdowns winning the heisman. Trophy and bringing. Oh you to within an eyelash national title game. He was so good that despite his non prototypical size the cleveland. Browns couldn't resist making him the number one pick in the two thousand eighteen draft. Okay so baker mayfield. Okay let let me tell you what was the stats alone. He he obviously. He's taking into account that he played three years. Okay we'll trevor. Lawrence has to matter played three years like you said one two titles and one heisman trophy. Trevor lawrence has played three years. He won a heisman. Trophy din heisman trophy right. Did he wanted to know. You didn't ask troubling but he did. He's been at to national title games. One one lost one and then to the final four so he's been on the final four all three times and he's the first pick in okay so they played in a championship game right. That's still solve your taking the heisman. Right if you're taking the heisman away from lawrence and strike against him for not winning it then you've got to take a strike against baker for not being in the national title game correct. Yeah all right. So so he makes that argument. Okay we'll get to that so lawrence isn't in the watson their watson's number six okay. I'm going through. I guarantee there's an option quarterback in their correct there is. There's an option quarterback not military academy right on okay. I can tell you this to this right now. The the guys that you don't have there is a heisman. Trophy winner number two. There's a guy that was close on heisman number. Three and there's another heisman trophy winning number five. Okay i'm just. I'm just two and number three easy to to in there. No he's not he's up in What and honestly should probably higher than that. I think he's like number twenty. So nineteen all right I'm just let me get to conferences. I'm just going to give this berle going to be in their joe burrow's in their number five okay seasonal. But that's where it's funny you get this guy at number five and you're using one year of career rice but baker mayfield's number one because he had a longer put him ahead borough two years but i mean the one years what made him eight input sam darnold in their he. I was gonna say because donald was good but then when the national snow. Sc quarterback in the liner should be. Yeah you should should be in there. I would put him ahead of tiba. That's me but i think because he was a better passer he was a better passer than tim was all right so i got that one right So you're missing number two and three near the conference. Sec in big twelve sec and big twelve so big twelve oklahoma. Texas teeth colt mccoy other. Oh vince young then xiang number three. Yeah i'm sorry. Vince young is number. Two on my list. I wouldn't put vincent gorbachev five. I loved vincent in college. But i didn't think it was taught five grade for the two thousand. No he was incredible and He was trust me. But i i wouldn't put him top five. He didn't win the heisman. Because reggie want it He thought he was. I think he's one of the fan. I imagine Cam in there to cameras number two. That's based off. In one season at auburn it's literally based on. He has stats. were the ones. They sell it to mayfield..

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