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If you wanna hear them we go back to the west coast this week and for my guest on sam roberts wrestling podcast the guest that i want to share with you and it's the one in the only ex pack expert has been a dear friend of mine for some time and he's been on the podcast a few times before probably the most memorable time was when we talked to him right after he got busted in the airport and it became a big story and you know go back and listen to that interview all the episodes of this podcast are available on i tunes and not sam dot com and spotify stitcher and all those spots every episode is is still available for your consumption go back and find the interview that i did with x pac that i did with him right after he got busted at the airport for what was reported as being meth but was absolutely not mess you know it was a risk of him going to jail there were a lot of people that didn't believe him you know i did that podcast and i got so much surprising i wouldn't say so much because the majority of you guys you could hear in his voice that he was telling the truth but there were some people that were hitting me up and going like you know xbox lying xbox junkie xbox this xbox that and as time has told us he was absolutely telling the truth in that instance and i'm so happy you can hear in this interview we did how much is life is improved that's the thing more so than just about anybody else that i know ex pack every time that i see him he's improving and he's not just improving his mental health is improving his lifestyle he's he's constantly looking now that he's kind of out of the darkness he's constantly look look he's constantly easy for me to say looking to improve himself more so than just about anybody that i know especially more so than just about anybody that i know that was wrestling in the air that he was wrestling in you know there's a lot of tragedies to come out of that era.

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