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Were gonna shut him down there with whoever they could shut them down and now we have a little bit of that dynamic here going on with washington where it launch those dead love our said no way lonzo is losing to the wizards this week and marshon cortec got upset about this and he tweeted john wall is going to torture i am 48 shut them down he alonzo averaging thirteen points as games were three twenty nine and eight so two times he hasn't been a double digits one time well into it with twenty nine point two over under on ten i'm gonna go under i think you know he he's average and what 9 rebounds seven or eight assists i think he'll do well there but i think the point total we'll rebound john wall you know listen to become a focal point golden amount of john wall has done well against rookies he's played against usually doubling their score and they're assist so all safe on what point perspective here i'll go under the 10point look this thing with lavarch it's is remarkable that it is going into the season to the degree that it is and i want to set aside a few minutes to talk about that shortly but i like these over under so let's do these over under is one and a half teams that finished the nfl season winless the browns are all when seven the niners irwin seven either neither both let's say one does all go under winless you think we will one of them will not win a game it's only history here to i can't do it i can't think they scale it only happened once in a sixteen games scheduled sixday wants only once is no se no under none none i'm going to say no who they sneak out a win this is cleveland schedule they have minnesota this week than after choi home jacksonville at cincinnati at the chargers home green bay home baltimore at chicago at pittsburgh could the steelers not need that game is it possible that game will be meaningless to the steelers baltimore baltimore's not playing great either they win games or defense is good their offense is terrible chicago.

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