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You put the blink CDN or debut CD ROM in, and it would show up as a disc on your desktop, and you just drag stuff to to copy over to. That was read only or. You couldn't arrays from the. It was right once writing right reasoning worm. So yeah, that was the thing is basically once you talked to the CD there forever flowing amber what we wanted. That's what we used it for. So thank you done in for creating something that became, I think, probably much larger than than ever envisioned that it could become. It was a game changer for the way we process our information got our content. I just games, interactive stuff, phone directories. Remember the phone directories on CD-rom was awesome. So I kept mine for many, many years before I finally taught the postcode database east coast Rama. I'm here in the UK you'd subscribe to it and then every three weeks they send you a new CD-ROM with the update and you'd load that until system and that like used to do address such by postcode nowadays, we do that on the internet, but back then you would. Subscribe to a service to get that, and you had to be a business to be able to register for that because you know it was just slot these security information, amazing technology. I wouldn't mind revisiting again someday. Maybe looking at some of the forgotten CD roms that were hugely influential or popular in are largely forgotten. Now for many, many years I subscribed to much of Technet which was a technical service allowing you to preview and do local instals of all the software that Mike self sold for development purposes. So you pay them a few hundred pounds a year. And basically every I think every month they sent you these folders full of discs, CD ROM discs. And then I had this big conduct a binder that they, they gave you when you signed up that you kept them and see you would throw away old ones replaced with new ones who's a fun time wasn't an and yeah, I had this massive bind full of own c.. The every single piece of software much self selling. Do you remember when you finally through that thing away? I, it wasn't that I think it was only when I moved house recently. I finally got rid of it. I'm I got rid of another one that actually was for the games. We gaze, which kind of copied from the original discs yourself. So I put the original discs away and I would use the copays and course they go scratch something and not yet there was about two hundred and fifty goes in that none of which I played anymore run. Stupid thing is I threw out, and now I find myself going to want to. I have to go out and buy the game again. No steam go to games or something like that. So we want to thank you guys for we do get some feedback. We're going to save that for next week because we're kind of long in the tooth here, fun topic, David, that was fun. I liked it. You guys got a topic you'd like us to cover for, keeps trolling specially with tech one. Let us know. We happily talk about it. Send us feedback the show at Technion podcast dot com. You can also go to my neck dot com or technician podcast dot com and leave a feedback there, Steve, we've got your feedback. We'll talk about that next week, but David see next week. See then by.

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