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Guessed where I can transfer all their skills knowledge and experiences into the world of tennis. The great thing about the show is that every guest. I have had on a received feedback that the things that we talk about could be transferred into life. So don't worry if you're not a tennis fan player coach etc last week show episode number thirty four with Dr David Hamilton. I can safely say in the first three days of it. Being I had more feedback on any other show and it's really struck a chord. It's clear that people are seeing the transfers. They can make into tennis on their own life through this mind body connection. If you haven't listened to go back is as a crack in Illicit this week. I have a very very special guest. I have Vanya King WTI player. I'm going to say wd player because she didn't quite get her chance to retire. Social has some unfinished Business Ed. But she's a two time doubles Grand Slam champion. She wanted Wimbledon on US Open titles in two thousand ten as being as high as number three in the world and doubles top fifteen singles. I can have a great track record of continually being in the top hundred for all periods of time that she was fit. I met Vanya last year in the WTO finals in Shenyang China and where we spent a few days working together on the WPA Charities Program. Come play program for me. She was fantastic personnel. Remember when I got back I posted something about you. Know every every now and again you meet a diamond of a person and she is one hundred percent that a top performer. You'll hear the mindset coming out in. This episode is clear to see why she has achieved what she's achieved. The refreshing thing is she may have reached the end of her playing career but already she has more than one on the ball in terms of what she's going to do after she set up an amazing charity called serving up. Hope which we'll talk about near the end of the show. I'm going to do something slightly different in this episode in Net. A clearly defined this six chapters so what you will hear throughout your show me coming back in to your ears and talking about the main touristy bullet points that. I got from listening to Vanya. I honestly could have listened to her for hours and hours. It was a proper treat for me. Especially when she's talking about game a game development game style development. It was fantastic seeing her sitting on a sofa. Gesturing techniques on clearly is a new berliner and taken a lot from other coaches that she's listening to so first chapter. What we talk about is how she's dealing with couvert in already in that For five minutes or so you'll hear about how she addresses or mindset and how she takes the routines that she has learned the discipline. She's learned in her tennis playing career and applied it to her routine for covert. You'll also hear about an initiative that she setup offering back on social media to donate money to families in need in the states. Which again give you a flavor of? We're heartless so chapter one. Sit Back. Relax list note for the six chapters as we go through. Give this to your coaches. Your parents your players. There's so much learning in this absolute. How're you do? I see you on your daughter. Did a lot of like doctor should review. She introduced it to me a few weeks back. Pretty much in the lockdown came in. And it's kind of something she can teach me. It means you. You will be my third entry into my tennis journal. Let's say that's a lucky number? So let's start actually with a number one. How are you getting couvet? Are you surviving coping? Stay in the same year. So I'm alive doing. I just say I'm doing well I don't know if I'd send really well. 'cause I mean you know. Obviously this is affected everyone whether indirectly or directly and also in different scales expected me to swallow extent. It has to other people I I am looking forward to when things start opening up this has crimped my lifestyle of travel So I had to stay put but it's also been a learning experience. I think and also in a way because it's Kinda coincided with the end of my era so I was to finish laying in Charleston. I was GONNA play numerals Miami Charleston so basically about a week or two ago as opposed to retire So I kind of knew that I was winding down the end of my tennis travelling and the stress of that so it's also been nice as well because I was. I was ready for this kind of change of pace. It struck me that you know in some ways is perfect. Timing but in other ways sucks that you didn't get those last three events to I'd say overall look at. It is probably better timing than not because I was I was and I am ready to retire so I think you emotionally. I'm in that right. I'm in a good place there and if I wasn't ready and this'll happen it would have been a lot harder to deal with that. I mean it took a long time to get to where I am now out to accept that this journey is over but actually like I put everything on pause because times are so unprecedented. We have no idea what's GonNa Happen. I mean who knows how things are going to change after things start opening up. There's probably possibly some things that will be changed for good and so I just want to give myself a little bit of cushion to say most likely. I won't be coming back to play anymore if I dated. Which is again a handful tournaments. Get you know to have a say in. What is my last tournament But yeah I mean I'll wait till you know. Things are opening up the option. Start coming back again to really make a final decision. It's so weird not being able to plan. Anything is in some Nice Nicer. Yeah especially in our industry where it's all about scheduling in planning and you're making dancer Planning Events and working travel schedules around that so it has been in the beginning. I have to say I was. I was really stressed out in. Ansi I think not just because I think combined both the back that everyone started panicking and you know like the society starts panicking. You're like Oh you know. Maybe maybe this is really serious. I mean it is very serious but As you probably felt mean we did see this coming in China for a few months before it hit Europe in the states so we did know that this was a main so nothing really changed but suddenly I guess level people started panicking right and then I was like oh my gosh. Should I be even more worried than I am? And then being cooped up inside like I actually go outside Being a put was definitely very different for me so started feeling like trapped. You know like I really WanNa go here. I want to go there and and in the past might go to when I feel stressed out or unhappy is to travel. That is my belief I love doing. Got and it's also a good way for me if I can't change my birds by myself Internally than I changed by external perspective to then change by internal Of So dot wasn't able to do that. I was was anxious for our first few weeks That I realized I don't WanNa feel like this so I need to make a plan. I wasn't feeling fulfilled in what I was doing like being home. Kind of doing nothing On tour know we have a routine and in every work. We have a routine of me comfortable with that so I started making a routine. I helped my sister. She has two kids so I babysit Jesse to help outside Babysit for weeks. I've actually kind of made my schedule. Stilo might tennis training schedule. Which is is comforting to me. Like this is so in the past. I would train like you know we were chain ten to twelve three to five Or Times a week and maybe a couple of days so actually. I followed that schedule. That's kind of how much I baby said. And then Either by a run to her place which is about five miles away so it's a nice like exercise in the I That I also do my work with. Wj charities so of several times. A week I have calls about that and getting some work done so between no babysitting in keeping that like a schedule that I do with my.

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