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To the houston rockets joining james harden as they attempt to give the warriors run for their moderate money in the western conference the trade give the rockets an allstar backcourt they gave up a package of players that included patrick beverley lou williams and sam decker as well as a twenty eighteen first round pick that does have a protections rockets gm darrell maury of the deal that brings c p three the each town side of the have chris is such a unbelievable player and you know so important for the league overall and we think he and james in our heart core with trevor american clinton ryan and name name a now we're we really feel like you know we we've got something special here in his house special is it though or the rockets a team that has the ability now with this current cast chris paul onboard that can take down the golden state warriors knee s p being radio host ryan were silvio on the thought process if it they're good enough against golden state so now you you have harden and you have paul and i know immediately leads do okay but his his team good enough to be golden state the answer's no and that's not the point the point is now that you have these two people in place what can you then add to this there is an arms reach going on in the nba where players looking around going we'll if they did it miami seven years ago and cleveland's able to orchestrate this deal of moving these pieces in braun three years ago and golden state can when seventy three games income this schools to winning backtoback titles in the ad rant than we have to keep up step one was james harden they thought stepped to the white house and it wasn't the deleted that step choose chris paul and now you can tell the.

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