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Kind of one and more in a good way i wish there was more of that because i like that it shows that the film stirred as three different scripts that nobody way than they gave when gren capper bought the rights to all the stuff they threw in the scripts for free and then he said then with uh francis goodridge numbered hackett and dorothy parker who didn't get any credit and joe swirling and they all kinda cobbled stuff from all of these groups and added a bunch of other stuff and made magic yards for a few on us off of up there are good things in this movie the but it's it's the pacing of it and the sort of lopsidedness of at the bothers me as a writer it's just it's yeah okay for those who like the movie uh how do you how do you feel about this part about the alternate reality and then the final like moment of of yes take me back take me back is this is this the highlight of the movie for you or is this just you know the pivot point but you've enjoyed a movie up i just i'm wondering about when you get to this plenty like all right here we go or you're like just kind of preceding on with the film how do you how to proceed on it's just i just president has to me it's just another piece and to me the highly of the movie is his relationship with donna read that we hadn't really talk much about but i love how this part of the movie even though it is the hallmark this is the thing that all the sitcoms rip off this is the thing that one talks about after but i love that despite all of that the emotions are what hidden i really think about the mechanics of it at all yeah it's just another part of the movie and likewise the ending the ultimate ending where everyone wants to be happy only works because of this alternate dimension and this alternate dimension only works because of the ninety previous minutes we've hacked bryant is such a smart guy.

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