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Questions, if you need money if you need to consolidate debt, if you got stung by tax Bill, you were not expecting 'cause you miscalculate the new tax or maybe you got a lot of money back. And you know, what does give you the name of the financial? Advisors that they've got they've got a comprehensive network of financial advisers around the country comprehensive network of realtors around the country. Like, Gordon would now exander who I used when I moved their terrific, man. Just the best guy going in Alexandria. And in northern Virginia in Arlington, Amazon people are moving from Seattle. Just call Gordon would. But all of those are available from Andrew and Todd dot com. If you're another great realtor call him up get on their list. They also have training for you on that the pre market is turned around. It was all read an hour ago. Now, it's all great not by much biz up two. The NASDAQ is up for the Dow is up eight right? So that's not that's not a big twitch. But everything was read. Right. So an hour ago. I gave you the pre market report. Everything was red. Now. Everything is green. That's good. I think that the market is beginning to realize that the whole Muller story is going to go away, but watch these stations. Listen to these stations watch on Hugh Hewitt dot com. For the balance of the hour, then switch over to Mike online dot com. Tom, I my Gallagher TV or listen to him Dennis Prager following him said, Gorka. We will all had a chance to read it by then I'll be joining seven about four forty five east coast time one Forty-five west coast time effort that a chance to read the report. And by the way, the lightly redacted, how many face plants have we had go out with Eleanor Rigby and just think Salem prayer. Holy week. It's Passover week sale. A little actually go out with sale a little prayer for you. No, not Eleanor Rigby, Diane. We're going out to we'll come back with sale little prayer for you. When we.

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