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Race. Wrap NASCAR Auto Club speedway Montana California. A Alex Bowman had a dominating kind of a day kind of a weekend relief for Hendrick motorsports. He led a race high one hundred ten laps of two hundred for the victory fastest car all weekend. Going back to the initial practices. Kyle Busch finishing second brother. Kurt right behind him. In Third Bowman took over the lead. For good when Brad Keselowski pitted with thirty four to go. He needed gas The Bowman's career win. That's his second on the Bladder Cup points into Phoenix Joey. Logano twelve at Fontana Leaves Denny Hamlin's sixth and Bowman by sixteen. They're tied for second clippings. Lovely it was to see how Ryan Newman visiting the shopping. Rose Fenway in Concord North Carolina. This past week doing continues to recover from that hidden head. Injury suffered in that shocking crash at the finish of the Daytona five hundred two weeks ago Ryan got a Standing O. And lengthy applause from the road staff and rightly so still a miracle. He survived that wreck. There's no specific date for Newman's returned to the number. Six easy does it is still the rule. All we're also hearing several tracks will only get single. Year deals for the next several more speculation. There are big changes coming to the schedule. Nascar is currently in the final year of a five year agreement with twenty three tracks that host cup races one year agreements allow greater flexibility for rescheduling from year to year. You see giving the series more ability to travel to new locations and run some races at night during the week. Interesting NASCAR xfinity nineteen year young Harrison Britain. That's just kid wins. His First Canada's Alex l'Abbaye arriving thirteenth trucks had the week off Canadians though in truck points. Stewart. Freezing is fourth at strong rookie. Raffaelo start. Who's learning thirty-second that ask our series report brought to you. By general tire anywhere is possible. There was always music to the ears of drivers teams and owners. When you're talking more money more purse money that is at in two thousand. Twenty winners will be paid more than any other time in Nascar series history NASCAR announcing a hike in the winner's purse paying a minimum of ten thousand dollars to each event winner. The Brown predetermine via winner will get a Levinger Oswego speedway and global newsradio hundred C html coverage will feature a huge winner's purse of twenty five thousand to salute the tracks. Twenty-fifth anniversary Sh- we can go in. August will be the first DIRT RACE IN NASCAR candidate history dirt stars. Kenny Wallace Inaugural Lake Stewart Friesen. Who WENT Sprint car race. There in two thousand fifteen and the truck races Dora last year on their clay will run that week and show indycar. Lots going on here former F. won-chan Fernando Alonzo is going to return to the Indianapolis five hundred in May with Arrow McLaren Alonzo loved the entire brickyard experience. Last time he'll work with Greenhorns Plato Award failed to qualify for last year's five hundred and Oliver ask you who enters the classic as the lone rookie on that veteran brain craig. Hamson expected to engineer. Alonzo's number sixty six Roger Penske's new ownership of indy-car already showing positive like they do for the five hundred fans at all races that includes Toronto. Of course we'll be able to observe the drivers meeting where race officials give instructions to the combatants. Roger Determined to improve the fan experience at all races. The drivers meeting thing is a cool way to start coming up. Sama James Hinchcliffe and Michael Andretti back together for both races at the speedway in the Oval Dunes in Texas and three time. Indianapolis five hundred winner were dirt track in root for sure Lonestar. Jr Legend Johnny. Rutherford left one. Lots going on here too. Rapidly expanding Ron virus threat is going to impact F. One more than just the postponement of the Grand Prix of China. Just getting from shop to venue was going to be very very tricky. Ferrari boss money. Bonobo wants clarity on the procedures to all his team into Australia for the season opener. You see what there's a there was a case of virus of that virus in Italy and the Ferrari staff hard time. Accessing the two tests in Bahrain Silvano wants assurance of his guys won't be confronted with similar problems heading into Melbourne. Many already picking Mercedes to run away with it in twenty twenty four seventh championship for Lewis Hamilton to Michael Schumacher for seventh all time at a seventh straight constructors crown for Merck. I test of the new automobile found everybody else once again chasing that. Silver Black and blue green rocketship Mercedes team principal. Toto Wolff likes their new piece this year a lot. It is an evolution not revolution but I think we optimize the whole package. Everything is a bit more need. Everything is a bit more optimized. We try to cure our weaknesses from last year. According was a bit of an issue and I think that what we see today is this is the common. I believe the cause definitely a step in the right direction and we thank skysports certainly for use of that sound with other teams questioning the legality of Mercedes new steering system. It's an indication Mercedes. Has Those teams freaking out already. Merck's do access steering allows the driver to adjust toe angle of the front wheels by pulling steering wheel inward or outward in the cockpit. Faa says it's legal rivals do not agree the rally news a presentation of the Subaru wrx and wrx Ti. Creating those Munster Sales Janie g very dangerous to six time World Rally Champs Imagine Oj. Is someone not going to be a factor before the season is done come on in his gazoo? Racing Toyota? Oj got second at the rally. Monte Carlo fourth at Sweden beaten to the podium by nineteen year old teammate Kelly Rovan Para is the first time since two thousand twelve that Oj has not won one of the opening two rounds despite this so-called tough start Oj has only five points behind Elfyn Evans and Teary Neuville. Who share the championship? Lead with forty two points into the next WRC around that'll go in Texas faces in the pits. Robert Bones Blue Lee beard. Don An riquet Roy. Hill Billy Meyer and Larry. Minor will be inducted. Got Through Mon inducted into the international drag Racing Hall of fame this month in Gainesville Florida but Don Garlic Museum of drag racing in Ocala Florida home of the international drag Racing Hall of fame announcing its class of two thousand twenty as well as the recipients of the founders award which will honor Don Pietro. That's prideaux sorry. And the Patricia Garlic Memorial award which will be presented to etta glidden widow of late pro stock legend and race. Line radio guest. Bob Glidden who left us about three years ago or so hottest world outlaw sprint car pilot right now well Hanover. Pennsylvania's Logan Shoe shirt. That's all in the opening. Three rounds of the new season shirt. Total fifty laps led three top fives including two podiums and a victory. Logan ranks second in points to back of reigning champ. Brad sweet the world of outlaws sprint. Churn Wrandell speedway for newstalk six ten Katie along the race line radio network only for them on the network on Friday July. The thirty first and a squash rumors flying about don speaks at miracle. Speedway Niagara Canada's oldest and longest operating dirt track checking into tell US merit villas still most definitely dirt car northeastern dirt car racing sanctioned for the three fifty eight modified and Sportsman Divisions for Twenty Twenty Merit Ville is one of the very first tracks to sign up with that sanction in the early Seventies. There's a long history there and that's going to do it for the race. Wrap of this week your questions. Opinions comments headlines in the news are always welcomed. Let's hear from you. Share your thoughts theories and ideas. He's a fellow gear. Heads Across Canada? Could win you. The Grand Prize in the Subaru race. Lonnie mailbag Trivia contest. Okay Lorraine pitstop goes right about here. But I've had three time Indianapolis five hundred winner. Legend Johnny Rutherford. Then Michael Andretti and James Hinchcliffe together. This is race line by Subaru. A range of performance drive this week at your local Subaru dealer anyone along the race line radio network. This is James Hinchcliffe.

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