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Right now, it's ten forty five. Let's get you caught up on traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fives. And here is Barbara got some troubles downtown. If you're on the one ten northbound the connector northbound closed there on the four level that's Sloan things from sixth street southbound side of the one on one concept. From permission read to first street in the right lane. They got the first street off ramp closed. It's a busy ride now from just before Broadway. And adding near trouble mission road onramp is where you got a crash clearing up. And that's definitely not helping matters any through the area. Got a wreck in Pasadena to ten eastbound for brothers need over to the right shoulder and watch out. For work in Covina detainees. Found hall to the fifty seven in the two right lanes. Connectors to the fifty seven northbound southbound shutdown westbound there's work going on from hall to citrus in the two left lane. Slowing you just a bit Anaheim hills ninety one eastbound past gypsum canyon. You got the right lane shut down and there's work going on in grand terrace. Just cry jamming it up on the to fifteen southbound lanes closed at Barton road. They take you off the freeway and back on again. It's a crawl from the ten connectors to the ten from the to fifteen southbound are also shut down to ten east and westbound. So that's adding to the slowing northbound it's not a full closure. Just the carpool and left lanes closed between LA Cadena Barton road. So little busy through that stretch. And there's work out of San Bernardino. Fifteen southbound past the two fifteen from there to Dunkin canyon and the two left lanes. Some watch out coming out of the Kahan pass your next report at ten fifty five. I'm Barbara Brooks and more traffic reports..

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