Eric Garner, Law Enforcement discussed on Fresh Air - The Life And Death Of Eric Garner


It sounds relatively harmless but if you here at the other way on its traumatising and i think that's that's the whole difference here it's that's a difference of perception and that's that's the problem is that for for most white americans we have no conception of of how this this these tactics play out um your white an era coroner's black the community he lived in with predominantly black did being white of factor ability one way or another to get the full story sure absolutely it was it was harder for to get people to trust me to talk about the story and as i went on and did the research i went through periods where i thought to myself is it even appropriate for me as a white person to tell the story may beyond the wrong person to be doing this but as i thought about this i realized that this is a white story as well as a black store through the reality is that eric garner died at the hands of real a police force and a criminal justice system that were designed entirely by white people uh for the most part and so this is not just a story about eric garner in the neighborhood that he lived in that was predominantly black it's also a story about the city bureaucracy and the law enforcement apparatus and the criminal justice system which is a white story as well so i think it's important for white reporters ultimately to own uh you know some of the responsibility for telling me stories because it's it's our story to an in a in a in a con a terrible way.

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