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Throw it. Right. They are built to stop that, right? The conventional pop back passing game is feeding right into Flores's hands. So to me, you come out, you go under center. You put the two tight ends out there. Maybe even the full back if you want to go 21 instead of 12, whatever way you want to do it, right? And you line up like you are going to run it down their throats. And then you make a decision based off of the defensive personnel and how Florida wants to match it. And you go from there, that I think is going to dictate a lot of questions in the chat. How much is Mac Jones going to throw? How much are they going to put up in the past in game? The defense is kind of going to dictate that. Because if the patrons get nickel or even if they get 6 DB, which is potentially the case with this Miami team, they're going to run it right down their throats. And they're going to run it successfully. Now, Eric Rowe is a good coverage safety on tight ends. We know he's a converted cornerback from his patriots days early on in his career, played a ton of corner. Now he's playing more in the middle of the field for Miami kind of in like a Patrick Chung type of role. But that's only one guy, right? Who's the other guy that's they have two tight ends, right? So who's gonna cover the other one? That is maybe where you can hunt some of those matchups, get some of those good favorable spots, I think for God like Johnny Smith, like you said, Alex, motion him, bring him into the formation, bring him out of the formation. I think there are going to be opportunities all over the field against linebackers against some of their depth corners and safeties. And you have a 6 foot four, 255 pound Johnny Smith, trying to get tackled by a 220 pound DB. That's going to be advantaged patriots. And I think you can kind of play playoffs play action off that too. At this point, was brought up to me by Joe.

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