Donald Trump, Brianna Taylor, Senator Lindsey Graham discussed on The Nicole Sandler Show


Right I'm not going to get into much of it because I want to get to Governor Siegelman, but let's start with this. Looting has broken out in Washington. DC again and this time. We knew it was going to happen treasury. Secretary Steven mnuchin is now flat out refusing to disclose the businesses that received five billion dollars in bailout funds through the paycheck protection program, claiming the information is confidential, four and a half million businesses received government funds, and normally the Small Business Administration Discloses the names of Borrowers from the program on which base the P. P P but statement to Mnuchin said his department considered that information, proprietary and confidential. Wow. And this, actually this has a little bit of bearing on some of what I'll be talking to the governor about the Republican led Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday authorized its chair Senator Lindsey Graham to subpoena former Obama administration officials about the origins of the intelligence communities investigation into Russian election meddling in a party line vote the panels Republican majority approved calling former director of National Intelligence James Clapper former CIA director John Brennan and the Senate Intelligence Committee concluded. In stunning study recently, which might be also one of the reasons why Richard Burr was pushed out the the Senate Intelligence Committee concluded that Russia did try to interfere on the thousand sixteen election on trump's behalf. But, but but Lindsey. Graham wants to also look into foreign surveillance applications, and why former special counsel Robert Muller was appointed in the first place, so they're are issuing all these subpoenas of course if you remember back to the molar, investigation. All of the trump administration officials denied the subpoenas. So the Democrats of course are suggesting that they subpoena as well some current and former trump allies including former attorney general. Jeff sessions and trump's son-in-law and senior adviser. Jared Kushner. Also just heading down to Louisville Kentucky from the Metro Council there voted unanimously yesterday to ban the type of no knock search warrants that police were using when they fatally shot Brianna Taylor, of course, the unarmed black emergency medical technician in her apartment, while she lay sleeping in her bed on March thirteenth, her boyfriend fired I thinking the officers were intruders well the Mayor Greg Fischer who suspended the use of those no knock warrants. Last month said he'd signed Brianna 's law immediately, tweeting out the risk to residents and officers with this kind of search outweigh any benefit that's true, but I want to know why those three cops who shot and killed. Brianna Taylor are all still walking around. Two more quick items Donald Trump appeared last night or yesterday in Dallas Texas, and an event billed as a race roundtable that he was allegedly gonNA lead it was held at a conservative and predominantly White Church in Dallas at which trump praised the national guards use of tear gas and other forceful measures to disperse Minneapolis crowds who were protesting police brutality against African Americans. He described the effort to quell a protest as a quote beautiful seen. And described where the national guard walk through like a knife cutting butter. Now trump did not mention the name George Floyd, but he said that the work of confronting bigotry would go quickly, and it'll go very easily providing we, we avoid falsely labeling tens of millions of decent. Americans as racist or bigots. You gotta be kidding me, and by the Way Dallas Texas has a black police chief, a black sheriff and a black district attorney, and none of them were invited to participate in a round-table on race and policing held in Dallas Texas with the president of the United States. It is just unbelievable. And now we learned that the orange menace will accept his Republican nomination in Jacksonville Florida in August instead of in Charlotte North Carolina, as originally planned because Donald trump wants a big crowd. He wants a pack convention center with no masks by the way and north. Carolina's Democratic Governor, said Hell no the instances of Covid, nineteen or spiking. You're not doing this in my state, and so the Flora da man chief governor of Rhonda Racist I'm Santa's obviously cares more about appeasing trump than the health and safety of Florida's citizens, so now Republican delegates will elect their nominee from Charlotte, where most of the convention. Business will still happen, but trump will make his acceptance speech three states away and front of what he expects will be a packed arena filled with without masks. But this date also coincides with another horrible day. In history in Jacksonville. It's the sixtieth anniversary of the at of ax. Handle Saturday when a white mob organized by the clan attacked mostly black civil rights protestors who were sitting at Jacksonville's whites, only lunch counters. Can this administration be that tone deaf? And and you know this is not the first instance with the campaign trail long before that with his first stop scheduled in Tulsa Oklahoma the site of one of the worst acts of racist violence. This country has ever seen next Friday a week from today. That is June nineteenth June teen a day that commemorates the end of slavery in the United States. Again. They knew what it meant and. Say. You know they knew they knew of the Tulsa history, they knew of the date but they didn't think the backlash would be so bad. Right. By the way. If you want tickets to that Tulsa rally, you can now get them. The campaign formally offered supporters the chance to register to attend, but they're requiring that anyone wishing to go. I agree not to sue the campaign or the venue. If they contract covid in nineteen, I kid you not the online sign up page, says anyone clicking to register for free tickets acknowledges that there.

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