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Outside is appointed on. Because anyone that i feel like. I'm really good judge of character in the people so anyone that major. It's always been a really great relationship now. There have been times when that bench disappointed in the relationship. But we find out way back to each other because of the foundation was always there me. The foundation was always there. So i also don't allow people are cold fingers fans of mine to come into my world because you've made thank you want me to be your arche. Bevy you make that you want me to be a big sister you that you want me to be mother to you. Which as you said. Amanda approach side of the party okay. Came up into a party. Good the now isn't a day brunch. Like i'm here now on. This does come in. I made to you okay. What you mean is like buzzkill. But that's how i am and so in order to pick people to mentor. That i feel that can on that will accept. That approach will respect it and wanted not me. I'm never trying to be a buzzkill. I'm never trying to bring anyone down. But if i see you about the run into motherfucking trauma be like okay. Don't do that is a really big old right there. I know you can't see it. But i have really good vision people. I don't wear glasses of italian. Go down that row women to that oak. You know. I think that that's why The mentoring thing is really. It's it's a real relationship in a has to be reciprocal to be based on mutual respect in the capi based around adoration Aids because once people come into your life and they see you dirty draws and they see your you know whatever wearables that have if all the was about was the public persona of you. They're gone dead on. That's it scares me. How many people want to be up in my sleep. I'm like really dont 'cause it's not what you think is going to be. I'm not super glamorous. Like my sons. They're doing on my marketing work for me. They come up in here a bit. We have known a role not draw a week. Be off home. Rolls up the nia major. That may but they're my son's for real for real like i'm mentoring them for real so they they love monthy. Yeah be me. that's not be like. Oh my god the the wizard of oz is really a small man behind the curtain. They know that the bevy smith is really a Black woman with a great of that. She lets and has cohen rallied yet. They know that well before we go. You have been so generous with your sharing of wisdom and your experiences with you know your colleagues and also those of us who have come up you know as novices neophytes fights of sorts behind you. What would you say is like the piece of wisdom that you share with yourself. That keeps you going because you're mainstay. You know like. There's not many that i feel like come into the game and stay. You know they might even like we talk about brooke shields like she. She was here and then she left like it's not to say this. She's not successful. I'm not sure what she's doing but like she. she knows. She decided that this wasn't where she wanted to stay and she wanted to take a turn. And i feel like we've seen that with a number of folks and for various reasons. I'm this is my shade by any by any stretch of the imagination. But there's a certain level of inner peace and stamina that is required to be in this as long as you have and so what is the wisdom that you give yourself that you have learned from this time. Everything is as it should be. Beverly everything is as it should be and paceman mobile coffin so and i do not allow myself to hysterical about someone else's success elaborate. I am not running a race against anyone else. Competition is the thief of joy. Comparison is the of joy is the thief of joy. Yes that's not mind is someone else's the famous of some sort. But what i know for sure is that so many people themselves out because they're always looking alongside Themselves and they're always looking at. Who's in front ended constantly. Judging in assessing dan time life based on what's on someone else's like and so what that means is that you're running as fast as you can and then you're you're gonna push yourself and you're going to burn out and i pace myself. You're not spend a lotta time smoking imaginary cigarettes in eating imaginary bomb box as red. Do that's what i do in the day. Let me tell you something. The man. I'll tell you the truth and i didn't want to say because i didn't want to come off the wrong way but i'm literally not doing like hot castes. Or the like thing our have booked. I'm gonna finish them. Not doing a lot more than because my woke. Fresh tool was so intense mayhem at know that life and i'm exhausted. I'm not doing it anymore. And it's okay. So i made that decision. Well thank you for including us upon noticed. But i hope you knew that our conversation was gonna feel so different than listen and you go all day. That's responding to say that she you act. I want to say to your listeners. That is all cane. Run your own race as is imperative to do it and please do not look at what everyone else is doing. Do what feels right for you. What feels right for me right now. In this moment. I'll give you run perfect segue into what i was going to say with. Pay six sixty got cancel. I was like well after that experience. I know what. I don't wanna do on tv ever again and said what i'm not gonna do is go back out and try and find another tv hosting gig because the only show is literally on tv right. Now that i want to be is the view. That is it. Nothing hosting gig. That i wanna be i wanna be on any of the Might so long. So i didn't go to my agent at the job. Oh my all going out move anywhere. You want to do something different. And i thought about nasa. I want to get back into acting. As i never gave myself enough opportunity to act to really pursue it because my acting when i went to susan batson latte nexus. I was lucky enough to have sousa bachelor one of my classes. And she said are you. You are broke your movie. You're waiting.

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