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Sonny Gray, Matt Harvey, Brewers discussed on Sports Central with Greg Matzek

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And he's able to come back but Greg you lose it to it every single day we. Talked about. The brewers all, season long there's been some sort of adversity some, guys getting injured some guys slumping whatever it might be how are they going to survive whatever's being thrown at them. And they have survived every single time it, is remarkable that they've been able to do that halfway through. The, month of August waiver wire is, open to the brewers make a move is. There, a needle moving move. To be made yeah I. They, they do and. I think they'll find, a bullpen pitcher before all of a sudden you know these these moves that are made in August are all about finding guys with bad contra Acts and taking on those bad, contracts, or at least working, out, a deal where you take on some of those bad contracts because the guys have to pass through waivers so basically every other team has to say I don't want this guy and his contract. And there's bad contracts out there they, get signed every offseason so whether it's a starting pitcher you're not gonna you're not, a blockbuster deal but don't forget, last year Neil Walker he was. The guy, who was acquired in August nobody wanted deal. Walker's contract and they were able to work. Out a deal so I would. Be very surprised if, there's not, a, move or two made, before this month comes to an end does Matt Harvey or Sonny gray represent a better option in. The brewers rotation than any of the guys who are currently in it does I don't think Matt Harvey does Sonny gray I, think absolutely does. I love to see Sonny gray with Derrick Thomas? And, they already, have a. Relationship because the Vanderbilt connection and I just think they're Johnson is so, good at helping, guys find and at their best self so the best we've seen from Sonny gray I absolutely believe could come back very quickly in Milwaukee the best. We've seen for Matt Harvey the best Matt, Harvey we ever saw New York clearly he, would help out but is he. Able to reclaim that this. Year I have a lot I, I don't I'd. Be surprised if we saw, that so I'm a I'd, be much. More intrigued by Sonny gray joining the team the. Matt Harvey will graze contract continues Harvey's expires I think gray is just more. Miscast in New York I think he's kind of a quiet guy saw spoken guy fit in well in Oakland they. Don't pack the seats there, the media's not breathing down your neck he goes to New York it's a total one eighty I? Just don't. Think he's comfortable there no I agree, I, agree one hundred. Percent. I think he's a perfect candidate for change of, scenery and for him to get into Milwaukee where he's, already comfortable with somebody on the coaching staff playing in front of a just a fantastic fan base. That's going to support him through everything, I Think if. Somehow some way and I don't know if he's cleared waivers. Or if you would clear waivers I think a. Lot of people would probably be maybe interested in him. As he it's not a horrible contract, things on right now. But if somehow someway they've found a way to get, Sonny gray I think that could be a real? Game changer for this team, some stuff. Man appreciate your time tonight brewers or. The day off, tomorrow they continue the road trip on, Friday night in Saint. Louis against the cardinals met will second if you. Down the road appreciate it man I getting particulate paulie..