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Ninety Katie SEM This is the Glenn Beck, program detectives in Canada Are still seeking a, motive for a mass shooter that left three dead including the gunman and injured, more than a dozen others as residents of Toronto grapple with the latest in a string violence incidents. To hit Canada's biggest city in recent reason months federal officials said on Tuesday that there was no terror link in Sunday's attack in which the lone gunman opened. Fired opened fire, along bustling avenue in the city at this. Time there's no national security nexus to. The investigation spokespeople said the attack killed two people recent high school graduate Reese Fallon and ten year old Juliana coasts thirteen. Injured including six women and girls and seven men authorities have not publicly speculated on the motive of the gunman Faisal Hossain or explained. How. He obtained the handgun used for the attack okay, so what they're saying here is this is a this is A guy who went, through depression They're, not blaming it on the gun They have a. Pretty tough gun laws up in Canada So it's certainly not the, gun although he strangely found a way to a gun but they can't figure out Quote I. Can't put two and two together said Amir Shakira I, just can't, believe it's him he lived with his parents Hussein, parents, carried out boxes of possible evidence with the you know the the equivalent of the FBI. Up in Canada Canada but he? Was found dead on Sunday. After exchanged gun gunfire, with police and then fled so. Why would he do that can't. Figure it out right ISIS is claimed. Responsibility said he was one of, theirs they still can't figure it out I don't, know what the deal is I mean really confusing think? About it I mean what. Could it be do, you have any idea is there. Any other any theories about Faisal. Hussein and why he shot people yeah Was it video. Have an, issue well. He was probably. Deliberate who's, probably depressed because I? Was living in Canada and? You know that can be a little oppressive people probably have been mean to? Him Did Trump set him. Off that's the only thing I can Well Trump's. Fault they one out there Barack Hussein Obama or former president Faisal, Hussein, right. Right is it possible that this guy is just an incredible lean Christian Amine Christian because our, president as you, remember former president hardcore Christian was at church for forty, years and I didn't really catch any thing that happened in the. Sermons, well he slept through the, sermons but I mean he's a hard core Christian. Guy, yes so. Hardcore, Christie I could it be an extremist Christian. Attack That's probably right Okay. Good it probably so is there is there any evidence, of? Anything else Pat any evidence? Of. Anything else, no I mean we can't other than what we've. Just outlined here we can't figure, it out again ISIS tried to shed some, light on this but, I snorted ice what? Did, I say well. They claim credit they claimed he was. An ISIS fighter Will you can't trust a radical Islamist you can't you, can't? Trust them they don't you? Know. They'll say, anything right yeah they usually tell you what they're. Doing kind of an advance and, then afterwards they also tell you what they've, done so I think, we need to look? Into, his mental health. Again and we unless you should look That's a great Because there's no gun. Laws in, Canada it's it's, it's basically a the wild west out some of the toughest. In the world It is the wild west other than the toughest gun. Laws in the, world right and. There is a? Fifty nine percent increase in gun violence over the same period from last year wait a minute so no eight what is. It the damn Americans coming over with guns. The NRA route and good time to be that it has to be. The, world, they've run out, of people to shoot here so they're going up to Canada Yeah that's killed? Everybody they possibly can so now they're looking for fresh killing territory in Canada white men best Americans yeah Christians yeah Christians. Now by Trump he he was he was. He was Arab Fazle Hussain yeah Was it why can, I guess. There's no. Clue as his. Heritage so. I Well I believe that. Faisal Hussein? Colluding with Donald Trump and Russia okay that's what I. Think happened They're? Not sure if I? Could go take you on? That, we can I ask was he an immigrant was he was. He. Was he born in Canada I don't know all right I don't? Know, was he was. He was he a. Muslim well I with a name like Hossain sharing the same. No no is our. Former, president you would say. No I'd. Say no I. Would say no we're. Not seeing any reporting on whether he was Muslim zero zero. Reporting on that yeah, this is perplexing conundrum? It is it is? Perplexing I wonder what's happening I think bar. Best guess as it's formed right now is Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to place this person here and it extremely Christian. Extremists Christian yeah. As he. Shares the name, with our former president? And and it was? Because, of the NRA gave him the guns to cross? The, border. And then then he shot a bunch, of, people I think. That's where we are. That's that's exactly where we are we may now there might. Be some information at. Some, time that may make. Us police. Of the one. Thing we can.

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