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Now, the Democrats have been coming out and backing a Medicare for all approach for the nation's health care. So if the Democrats were to take back the house and Senate, what would that mean for that lame duck session while I had a chance to sit down and chat with Headley heath manning, she's a senior policy analyst with the independent women's forum. And I asked her what we could expect. If the Democrats do end up taking over the house and Senate, and we have the lame duck session coming up Senator Mitch McConnell who. Who is the majority leader in the Senate said recently that he was willing to revisit the issue. I think he wants to be sure that they have the votes in place. I know he doesn't like that. The GOP came up short by a few votes in two thousand seventeen with their repeal and replace efforts. So lack comes down to exactly who's in the seats. Right. But there is a willingness there on behalf of leadership, at least as McConnell recently expressed. And my hope would be that they follow sort of the framework that they're they're looking at now, which is to give the regulatory control over health insurance back to the fifty states. That's who controlled regulation of health insurance before the ACA. They've got a better understanding of the markets in their local areas, and then the federal government can ship out a lot of funding to the states with some strings attached, basically requiring states, you know, you've gotta protect all the people who have, you know, very costly health conditions, otherwise you don't get this money. I think that's a good accountability measure for states. And I think they're better equipped to execute for USA radio news. I'm timberg. Attention investors respected names in the financial services industry are not evaluating if there will be a significant market downturn. But when higher interest rates and prospects of trade war suggests the stock market is headed into a perilous direction subprime mortgages, which are back could potentially devastate the real estate market as they did before. And with stocks is simply overdue for a fall after the second longest bull run in history. Even bullish analysts to recognizing these indicators that equities are in big trouble and have projected stock market losses up to forty percents..

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