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It's a pair of sunglasses that a woman wants complimented him while he was wearing like. That's the most important thing he's got to burn. Don't think this is because nate's shallow guy because nate is a guy who desperately needs validation. He's not getting it at home so when he gets a taste of it. It's not surprising to me that it goes to his head. I just started my go to his head and a slightly different way but clearly the way it's going to his head is to be really difficult with how he his power and really gross. So that's the sort of thing that you can definitely imagine as you're saying does not end. Well i don't know what else what else it could take. My assumption was at some point. That nate would publicly blasting ted lasso. I thought that might happen really right after that match. When nate kind of took the stage after ted walked off. I really thought there was a possibility in his post match. Presser that would really put ted lasso on blast and say we don't need ted to win like this isn't about ted lasso. He just sort of pooh-poohed and i think food poisoning or something. He didn't really get into it. But you could foresee a situation where the darker this gets. The more likely it is that nate uses that platform really blast the internal issues at afc richmond. So that's the part where ultimately like i said it's fruit of the poison tree that he is ted's issues and that that that flows grows from the divide that has created because of ted's problems but it is nonetheless a team problem. Nate problem everyone problem. And not just ted problem regardless of how or where it started. But i think you're really right to localize that with ted and nate because i don't think one exist without the other we saw tedd be such a positive influence with nate season. One yes and if that like attention to detail is no longer there. Leadership leadership is no longer there. Right right so i think that that's obviously very problematic and i feel like there's a lot of different directions. This could go. This could be something that doesn't have such a drastically climactic ending that. Maybe it's not too late. But i think that it is a real credit to the show that there is this feeling of tension of what's going on with nate is not that great right. This feeling of like nate. The not so great right now is not something that i think any lasso fan true ted lasso fan is like like like marking with like with with any level of relish like. I don't think anyone is the edible skied or of course you knew what our side i heard. I was trying really hard to phrase it differently. Because i knew that we would be able to say with relish without talking about condiments. I don't think my ted talk. I don't think anyone is psyched about this. You know what i mean like. No one is happy about this. We're concerned for this fictional character. Right like i think people really like nate. He was a character who like his growth arc across these in one was so wonderful to watch. And so that we're going into this direction. It's not an earned. It's not without precedent. It's not without a lot of work underneath it to get us here. I think it is a an acknowledgment as it is in ted storyline as well that you don't just promote somebody in now they live happily ever after like the the process of being a healthy human being is life long maintenance like this is a you don't like do with thing and now it's fixed forever you do a thing and then you probably are going to have to do another thing and then the thing after that and you're probably going to have to be doing a lot of these things simultaneously and it's exhausting. I know why. I'm even saying this because we all know that. Like yeah i mean it's it's fascinating that show that has the uplifting positive h- your vibe of ted lasso can get into this in a subtle and specific way like they're doing with nate and be so effective about it right in in a way. It's like making you laugh so that your belly is exposed and then slam hyphen between your ribs. They're really getting there with that n. Eight they're setting. I do think the show does a fantastic job of setting the stage for this sort of thing. I mean we can talk about every nate scene and really map it out along this journey. And i know probably everybody in this day and getting sick of data visualizations but it would be a very interesting chart of peaks and valleys with nate. And where we're at right. Now is a deep deep valley. I'm not sure if it's the x. y. axis. i can't remember but we're well below the line And it's just you have to remember like a couple of episodes ago. When nate had no confidence about getting that table and rebecca and keeley were in that moment in in. Rebecca helps nate realized. Like you just have to kind a buck up and say like i can get whenever i want. I know who i am and she basically says like you deserve whatever you want. Don't back down and like that seems to be the sort of line that you feed to the wrong person at the wrong time and you create an evil villain like just an evil like a true mastermind. And if you walk around as your nate right now in the position that he's in having been gassed to buy all the positive feedback and been like just completely triggered by one negative. Tweet don't back down. you deserve whatever you want like. That is the kind of mentality that lead you to barge into. Will's office and treat him the way that he did. So the the good advice they gave nate. That helps him get. The table can also be bad advice when it comes to nate making his way through difficult times and that's why the maintenance is important because it isn't just about this one fix and you use the wrench to tighten this thing up and all of a sudden you can get a table and you can do well in a match and your fixed no. It's maintenance like you might have over tightened the screw here and you might not put yourself in a position where things are going to be fixed so i love that. We're seeing that with nate. Even though that. I hate that we're seeing that with nate. Yeah i don't like it. I don't like it like i'm not mad at the show for going here like that. No like very important like clarify that line. I think it is like the show. The show's intentions right. Now are working. You know like that's the thing is like i think what the show is aiming for right now yet. They're they're hitting yeah right where they're trying to or at least they are with me. I i really. Don't i really don't feel good about it. But that's what they want. Can i ask you. We talked about the father issues. I wanna know we know that nate's in a bad way right now and we know that it knows in no small part from what the show is shown us to his inability to please his father right like even in this moment where natives on the back page of the newspaper fixture featured prominently wonderkid. All of his mom knows it. Natives just showing up with flowers happy clearly showing up to get praise his father will not give it out and instead just basically says they say humility is not thinking of yourself but thinking of yourself less in a different milieu or indifferent moment. I feel like that would have been really good advice tonight. But that moment it is so crushing is nate's dad the key to all this and is there a world where you feel like this gets fixed in some way by nate coming to a better relationship or understanding with his father. Well i think that the show has given us a lot to chew on as we have been talking about all season lying about all the best cowboys having daddy issues. What's up jay wilpon. I feel like that is that is like very much on the mind of the show. And it is certainly no coincidence that we are framing this episode with like nate's Actions at the end of it. We're framing that against a his father. Having like no reaction to the wonder kid you know. I don't know if that's going to be the thing. That cures nate is a better relationship with his father. Or like you know like the two of them living happily ever after whatever. Unfortunately.

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