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And my very, very special guest, one of the great ladies of song, Miss Mary Wilson. And you've taken us on this journey through the Motown. How you guys finally broke through and got to Berry Gordy on all of a sudden you had this great song writing team. You were writing songs for these three gals known is the Supremes on It was one hit after another. Did you read it? You said to me something early before we even started the interview the first song that you recorded. You said Why didn't particularly like that? No, I hated it. I really did I, but that's the one that exposed your talents. There is so if she was you Song was weirded out. Love shows you that's when we all discovered that the supreme It was our first number one. Yeah, it really was. And And so what? I'm bring you up to date on How and why We didn't like it because it's very important. People around the world loved with a love. So he was number one. However, when Holland Dozier, Holland Bryant heading and Lamont Dozier brought it to us, they said, This is gonna be a smash. So we heard it. And we're like, Oh, not that song has no harmonies show you all felt the same way. Yeah, it wasn't just was it was it wasn't just me. It was not Because we thought we could really sing If you listen to what I love go the lead is thinking one thing in the background is all unison. Unison is harmony. We came from an era where harm harmony forever for sure. When we grew up with the McGuire sisters addresses all these kind of things you know, so harmony was a four left harmony for us was great and we were good at the harmony. So anyway, we said guys, this is not in there. Plus marking the Vandellas where R and B. You know, everyone was already well. This song was not R and B, so we were not thrilled about it. I remember telling any holiday I said, you listen way need to get a hit Because if we don't get a hit, our appearance is going to send us to a college gonna make us go to college. What a terrible thing that I know. So, guys, so young people don't listen to me. Okay on this one anyway, That's how we found. C s. So So. So it's the guys that listen, Trust is this is gonna be what we were low on the totem pole because at Motown if you didn't have a hit record, you were nobody. Okay, The important people of Motown. Whether produces the writers accounted all the lawyers. Everyone was bigger than the artists. The artists have always been very low. Nothing has changed. Nothing right. We still have the public. They They don't understand. Don't know that they see the visual Now that we at s O anyway, so we had to record the songs they broke because we were low on the totem pole. We recorded it. And hated it. And then, of course, they brought Baby love, which became our number one in the U. K s O. We had five consecutive number ones that Holland Dozier Holland wrote. So Use later. I had to eat my words. Okay. You guys were right. No. You recorded baby Love was number one in the UK And this was what year? That was 1964. So this is the Beatles here? Well, okay. Okay. That's when you guys okay? You guys here in America. Welcome The Beatles. The borders open up for the United States and the UK and Europe, actually, and then, But we had our number one end in the UK and Europe. And so we opened up the borders for America coming in. Yeah, it was different for them. So whatever you guys experience here in America with the British invasion new for they, they experience it there. In fact, one of the newspapers in the U. K said. Three black Nikolas is have just landed on the shores of suits have just let them ensures a break. When we're like, Where where we're wear my tanker. Did you say vigorous is legal asses? Well, e don't even know how to respond to that. But we didn't either. So anyway, that's what was happening in 1964. The borders of the world opened up. And that's why I've always said and not just myself, but a lot of artists. We get together. We said the music has been the ambassador for the world absolutely brings brings cultures together, right? Better than politicians could ever do is is that what was that? That's true? So anyway, My point is, is that we had the British invasion here and in the UK we the Supremes, three black, beautiful French graces. I think helped To show you know the world that black was beautiful, which other time when women were not equal? I mean, I remember traveling all over Europe they would know. CEO women around the world like now, not right. So we were, like, really, You know, we were like, three. You had your Josephine Baker. He had a lot of wonderful Ruth. But you had all the incredible talents were talking about Ruth Brown. But still you did not have CEOs and the in those places. Well, now we saw that, would you all of a sudden now the music. Was your avenue to great. I don't want to use the word power. But all of a sudden you walked on the stage. You had power were here. It was that, But I'd like to put it and I agree with you. I'd like to put it in the way of saying that music was something that is almost like money. Okay, The green people respond to money. If you have money, you're powerful. What we found in the sixties that we were women, which brought women up to a certain standard. But also it showed that women were not only beautiful, but they were professional..

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