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One is number read Dr Robert Wachter professor and chair of the department medicine at the university of California San Francisco who is president of the society of hospital medicine chair of the American board of internal medicine and author of about three hundred articles and six books in two thousand fifteen modern healthcare ranked him as the most influential position executive in the United states Dr Walker thank you so much your time really appreciate it it's a great pleasure thank you for having me so yesterday you were tweeting about the flattening of the curve in San Francisco what do you see in San Francisco obviously it was a place where there is a lot of wide scale worry about significant outbreaks that would that would overwhelm the health care system you're tweeting some optimistic numbers from San Francisco what's it look like up there yeah the numbers we're seeing here are remarkable critically when compared with New York and some of the other parts of the country were things are breaking out we have had a total of just under four hundred cases in San Francisco by contrast New York is now over forty thousand and we had a total of six deaths and San Francisco from cove it and New York is in the high nine hundred maybe over a thousand today and what's amazing about that is a two two and a half weeks ago we had exactly the same number of cases New York police this it had a very different trajectory out here and we're incredibly sad about New York and some of the other parts of the country but very thankful for what we see here wonder why do you think it is the San Francisco seen such a different trajectory because they started taking social distancing measures about the same time as New York week down here in Los Angeles started to take those social distancing measures pretty quickly bye right after the announcement from San Francisco yet we're seeing a pretty significant uptick in the number of cases what do you think the differential rates are coming from yeah it's hard to know exactly but we were early in and not only serve general instructions for people to do social distancing but a policy pronouncements so err city in the six bay area cities and counties I went to essentially full stay at home orders on March sixteenth in the state of California went on March nineteenth which was several days before most of the rest of the country it may turn out to be just as importantly but if you think about the big industry in San Francisco the biggest one is the tech industry and the leaders of the tech businesses Google Facebook and others basically told older employees to stay home as early as March fifth and so there's like I said here was one in which the the the it was both orders from the government as well as the major corporations telling people to stay home about a week before many of the other parts of the country and so dad and I'm I think some of it is just luck but it turns out that days make a difference and you know this this thing grows can grow exponentially so quickly if you get moving on keeping your distance and staying at home even as as much as three or as little as three to five days earlier it may make a huge difference in the overall trajectory and I think that's what we're seeing little more than a moment but first let's talk about the fact that your business actually needs the only state I mean have you ever had a situation where business needs data more than like right.

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