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But he's lands on the water was like, so do you care. Do. We know why you were there in the first place like gay just this is seven different movies granted a one, and we're going to get I think four no three three more movies. And I've no idea where they go with this. Because like with the with the way, they don't know with the way this ends. It was like this could be wrapped up in the next movie. Yeah. Like, they could set everything up with the with the things that they hinted at in the books wrap it up in the next three more. I just movies. I was rewatching every watching fellowship recently on thanks giving those movies are just masterpieces and the fact that they took one three three book series. I made extended versions of those like three hours long beautiful. They took one book the shortest of the books with the least amount of stuff and three of death was like how they making this. Dice to read that book to use a kid. Yeah. Yeah. At bedtime this three movies. I listen to the audio book of that to help me go to sleep the because I just I need noise. Taught me go to sleep. Or I go crazy. And I here's stuff in my head. It's like I love the hobbit, and they made it three movies. So this one with fantastic beasts, it was just too much filler kind of fill in a bunch of experts. Do you think do you think part of the problem? And I know you're fan of the first tastic beasts, and I kind of enjoyed it too. I don't love it. But do you think it's JK Rollings is she's writing these scripts right? Do you think it's just Nobel? She was like, oh sweet. I can do whatever one billion. There's like no oversight now. So she's just kind of turning in scripts, and they're tweaking a few things. And I mean, they. Made a lot of money. So this is tune established property they have their own was hurting world of Harry Potter there. Now con conventions that are just Harry Potter stuff. My wife and youngest daughter how they blast at the wizard world. And I'm sure wanna know who's gone. Oh, yeah. I'm sure I would have fund and they got to do all the sorting hat. Yep. Yeah. She had a ball. Yeah. So I just I that was a huge disappointment. So Tim your first bats of the bad. My first bats of the bed is when we want to get the wrong girl spotted web a dragon tattoo story. Oh, yeah. I never mess. I felt like you know, I kind of feel like a news sweetest versions were fine in America version. They did we're okay. I let the first one. What? Dr narrows Fanta great in it. But I think with this new version, it's not really the Lisbeth. We know she's kind of like it's kind of like a gains bond character in this movie. Right. She's doing a bunch of heroic stuff, and what's his name who's in his? I don't even see oh Stanfield is on it. Okay. He plays American guy who is going to Sweden because she's still in some codes for some people are gonna be for some nuclear thing. She's chasing down this. This group. Crazy group of people who are super interesting, but we don't spend any time. Never see. And she's got like, it's it's dump. She runs around the whole town say some little kid because his Daggs kills a little kid with her the whole time it it it feels like an action movie instead of a dragon tattoo movie. Interesting action can actually like literally drives her motorcycle her Matt black do khadi across a frozen lake as he's gaping somebody house Clervoy though. I mean, she's the right fit for. Something like this. Yeah. With the different script different story score. Okay. So. She can inhabit an action movies Secundo. Okay. Interesting. She can do it. But yeah, it was a bit of a mess disappointment. And everyone can fight anyone can shoot everyone. Can it's fantastic. The fast and furious where everyone can handle guns all of a sudden immediately marksman. One of that the memes when it goes like when it shows pictures of the first fast and furious movie. Like, you're stealing VHS players dealing players like box TV's. And now, suddenly you not use rocket launch your master government..

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