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Deflect negative criticism. She seems her recognize. Ed's future importance in the place of us art history and she documented his work both as a matter of bookkeeping and just to have a really thorough record as he completed paintings. She entered each one into a detailed log. She kept an account book that described the work and included all the relevant data about it. The date that it was started and completed the arrangements of any loan outs that may have sometimes hopper would write the paintings. Titles in the book. But joe would always annotate it with a description of the image to make it clear what the painting actually was. She was also pretty aware that her husband had found his footing as an artist and made a name for himself in his career that she had gone in the opposite direction. She wrote quote for the female of the species. It's a fatal thing for an artist to marry her. Consciousness is too much disturbed. She can no longer live sufficiently within herself to produce. But it's hard to accept this if you've looked at any of edward hopper's paintings from after he and josephine became romantically involved. You have seen joe. Although she didn't always look like herself she really became his only model. So whether you're seeing an usher in a movie theater in new york movie or the woman drinking late night. Coffee with a gentleman and the diner in nighthawks. That's all joe. There's speculation that just as he was jealous of her in so many ways. This might have been something that joe insisted on due to her own jealousies about her husband but also seems that to some degree. This was a way for joe to be part of her husband's success that she wasn't being allowed successive her own. Yes she also seemed to just enjoy that. Like in those moments she became the focus of his. He paid attention to her in a way. That was not unkind. She wrote about being very very proud of posing for him of being part of his work in that way and she really did seem to love this aspect of their lives. She and ed collaborated on the back stories of the characters that she inhabited for his work even giving them character names. That only they knew. We're going to get into some of the darker aspects of joe ed's marriage so before we do we're gonna take a break and have a word from the sponsors that let us keep telling stories like this one. Oh hang you. It's nicole laugh in new york times. Bestselling author the only financial expert. You don't need a dictionary to understand and the host of the daily podcast money rehab. So here's the deal. I'm going to rehab your money so that you can get your financial life together once and for all it's a step program you may be on step one. I've been struggling with debt for like over ten years. Were you may beyond steph. 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This shows him literally like a saint complete with a halo. It looks like a cartoon version of a painting of a saint. You might see while. Joe is made to look like an irate. Tiny pixie haranguing him. Their relationship was strained even more when joe who was frustrated started to casually share details of their life with some ed's colleagues and patrons since she was handling of his business she noted when he was lethargic and not productive or even just that he wasn't feeling well they had started visiting south truro on cape cod and the summers and they decided to build a house there in the nineteen thirties. And of course this came with its own stresses particularly during the construction and as their strange often. Abrasive dynamic had developed over the years it had also as we mentioned earlier grown physically violent in her journals. Joe describes the two of them getting into altercations really regularly when they closed up their greenwich studio and may of nineteen thirty four for the summer. She references the tense pre travel situation between the two of them in her journal. Writing quote e. feeling watched all his symptoms to the four all negotiation. And prohibition i driven to scratch and bite. He hinders one. So his insistent. Driving in the spurs. Every time i glance at my list when their tenth anniversary arrived there wasn't really a celebration and two days. Later Ed suggested that he could drive to pick up his mother and sister to visit their newly finished house in south truro. She had been hoping the house. It'd be done in time for them to have a party in. That did not work out. She was so frustrated at the idea that in the midst of still moving and getting the how settled he thought it would be fine for her to also have to cook for and look after guests. That joe rowe to a friend all of this. It is also tied up in how angry ed seemed to get when she found a bolt of inspiration to paint so as I'm reading this excerpt from this letter. Know that she's kind of like merging these two issues they're having into one sh rates quote. Ed is the very center of my universe. If i'm on the point of being very happy he sees to it that. I'm not if i am happy. Ever and not too exhausted. I might want to paint. He's better fed more blindly fed during the infrequent periods. When i do paint. But it riles him. She also wrote to his family and said that it was just a really bad time for visitors which caused more strife between them. Joe writes us things to send to a darker place between them where violence is a lot. More common that quote if he cuffs al scratch. What else is there to do in protest. Edward as we mentioned earlier was a lot larger than joe was about twice her size in weight. In addition to being much taller she wrote that she quote always found tolman exciting. Not when they use that extra span of arm linked to swap me though edward additionally was constantly critical of joe's painting and when he experienced a creative block that criticism became more cruel and this wounded her deeply. She wrote that being hit by him was quote. Not as bad as meanness there is also really quite a sad metaphor that evolved between wife and husband regarding their work didn't have kids and they started calling their paintings their children which sounds kind of cute on the surface. And if you don't have context but as josephine starts to use this metaphor to describe her own work. The disparity of equality in their marriage becomes clear. She starts calling her own paintings little bastards and stillborn infants and talks about how she's not in a mental space where she can produce a healthy anything and she describes them to galleries as not being very good but adds that she loves them just like a mother. Wood ed's paintings. She refers to as heirs joe's journal entries as she and ed reached twenty years of marriage. Together are just deeply heartbreaking. She recognizes the loss of her life to a marriage that seemed to bring neither herself nor her husband much joy in a letter to a friend. She wrote that she had kept her news out of the art world and that she quote has come through with absolutely nothing she also wrote about how she felt that ed had always controlled her. It had come out at this point in their marriage that he had wished that she would have just stopped painting when they married and she felt completely betrayed by this she wrote quote he certainly knew all the subtle ways of killing the art instinct in me the shock of learning that he had any such wish way back when we were first married nearly did the things incredible so unspeakably low down and so in direct contradiction of all his attitude before we married. The ghastliness of this one can't quite ever outlive. Joe is in her early sixties at that time and seeing her husband's struggled to find inspiration. She grew even sadder that she had given up so much of herself in his interest. She wrote quote. I've probably changed. I used to have so many friends. But then i've been seeing only his friends of late years and people annoyed at him turning them down on juries to take it out on me. Naturally she knew the pain of not being selected by her husband on a jury he had also turned down her work in a similar situation when the couple marked twenty five years of marriage together. Joe said that they should get a quote quad quadir a medal for distinguished combat. Ed in response created a code arms for them featuring a rolling pin and a ladle in reference to household items that they had used to strike one another in her journal at the time she notes sadly all that she felt she had lost in their quarter century together writing quote time passing passing. Drop by drop of one's life blood hair grain fashions changing an entirely new slant on art rampant and twenty five years of my life. Gone when joe is seventy five. She got us spring exhibit at a gallery run by herman gulag ten of her paintings included and she was elated to see all of her pieces together on what she called quote such a beautiful serene wall also myself and the pictures feel. They've gone to heaven hopper did not go to the opening. He said that his back was bothering him. But in a turnabout of some of his earlier assessments of joe's paintings edwards said that hers was the only good work in the showing. He sent several catalogs from the show to friends and press with notes about joe's work. Joe was described as ecstatic anytime. She visited the gallery and she would twirl around and delight. Her work was featured in the christian. Science monitor and the villager and reviews noted her paintings as transforming and elevating the scenes of domestic interiors. We have quoted a whole lot from joe's journals and it is often really unpleasant and to be honest. I left out some of the more upsetting parts because you get the idea but as often the case in unhealthy relationships when there is abuse there is often codependency and people can become convinced that their love is more important than any of the other stuff even when that other stuff is just awful and this is also reflected in joe's ratings she wrote things like quote. Ed is the very center of my universe. It's such blessedness. That edward. And i have each other surely will be allowed to go when he does. It seems that from the very beginning. Joe nicholson and edward hopper. Were so terribly mismatched. And they brought out the absolute worst in each other but they also never entertain the thought of just not being together and that conflict of love and hate was also something that joe was definitely grappling with. She also wrote quote. I can scarcely stand. Eh but how possibly live without him. She did live without him. But only briefly. Edward hopper died on may fifteenth nineteen sixty seven in their apartment at three washington square north. He was eighty five ten months later on march. Sixth nineteen sixty eight josephine hopper also died. She was buried with her husband in his hometown of nyack new york and when she died joe left the entire body of her work. And ed's to the whitney museum of american art this was a massive bequeaths men including three thousand pieces but this kind of turned out to be a tragedy of its own because for a long time. A lot of jobs work was lost because the museum didn't see her as the important artist. There was a list of her work but a lot of the paintings themselves. No one could find. Some of joe's work was attributed actually to ed and some of her pieces about eight dozen. We're kind of given away as gifts to various places like office buildings and hospitals however while researching joe for a book in two thousand writer elizabeth thompson. Leary found two hundred of her paintings. Still in the basement of the whitney even now though it's hard to find joe's work online. I know when i was looking for artwork to share in our social media for this did not find a lot. The whitney has to on their website. One is a watercolour portrait of bertram hartman. The other is an undated oil painting of wilted flowers titled obituary. Both of them beach your cats as secondary elements to the composition. Maybe that is a nod to the long lost arthur. Other paintings have surfaced including in a large gift to the province town art association and museum in twenty sixteen which included art by both joe and ed and the museum has since mounted an exhibit of their work in tandem. That gift came from a private collector. In recent years is joe story has become more well known there have been a few additional exhibitions of her work including one at the edward hopper house art center in nyack in two fourteen. If you're interested in reading more of joe's journals they're quoted extensively by art historian and author gail levin in her book edward hopper an intimate biography. Y- those journals are not publicly available. She got access to them in the archives. Were they are And it's interesting. Because it's a extensively a biography of edward hopper but it really is very much about the two of them and is kind of the first instance where joe's story really plays out through her own words very frustrating episode. Yeah workout which. He'll talk about some more behind the scenes. i'm sure. Do you have some listener. Mail idea and i wanted to do a funny one because this was such a bummer episode. This is from our listeners. Jessica towards hi tracey and holly. I recently listened to the unearth july edition. And you're related behind the scenes episode. I was tickled by. You're passionate discussion of library. Fines and can definitely relate by the way but it also reminded me of a library story of my own many years ago. I was living with a boyfriend from washington state when he had been in school in spokane. He had gone with a friend to get a library card at the local library. And for some reason. I think having to do with proper id. They refused to give him a library card. This became a big joke amongst his friends. He the most mild-mannered guy was too dangerous. Suspicious to be issued a library card. Many moons leader. He accompanied me to the library of congress where i was getting a reader's card to do some research for a paper. I was writing for law school since he was there. And i think they wouldn't let him come with me unless he had one. He applied for readers cardis well and got one as soon as we left. He took a picture and send it to his friends quote. I can get a library card for the library of congress but not the spoke in public library. Thanks as always for the work. You put into entertaining history. Levers like me. It's nice to know. I'm not alone in my nursery jessica. Thank you for this. It's so charming. And was a perfect way to Mitigate some of the downers of this episode if you would like to write to us you can do so at history. Podcast iheartradio dot com. You can also find us on social media as missed in history pretty much everywhere and if you haven't subscribed yet but you're thinking that's a good idea we do. You could do that on the iheartradio app or wherever you listen to your favorite shows stuff. You missed in history. Classes the production of iheartradio for more podcasts from iheartradio visit the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. The free i heart. 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