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I need to read. Yeah, he wasn't even like, Oh, I'm kind of ashamed that I can't read or anything like that. Who went hardcore defensive like Fook, he's not just illiterate he's anti literacy. That's weird and everyone else will just kind of like. Okay. I mean the because a theme throughout the whole episode Yeah. This episode is a attack after school special. It was like a reading rainbow of Gargoyles really was and when I realized that it was like, wait a minute what the fuck is going on here. As someone who both writes and reads allow quit bragging was like I understand the importance of this but even I was like, all right this is a little heavy handed. The heaviest hands. And, we'll get into an even more later because it just continues on and on and on Boo. For All the scene is pretty light hearted. We cut over to Hudson who is watching celebrity hockey with Bronx it doesn't surprise me he's a hockey fan I feel like he'd be really into hockey. I don't know I feel like because. He's got hockey vibes. He's a warrior, their whole warriors. He also watches more TV than everyone else. So Dream Boat is apparently part of the scroll escort team, the set Ooh God with Matt. Doing this cool thing. And Glide is like Oh just go have fun with matinee and I'll here and he doesn't know he doesn't but he does go sassy phase like he lives a little unhappy that she's like okay by angering Negu, this thing Merlin's girls back. And then he decided to this like angry look on his face that they focused on and I don't know. And it was also the first time that Dream Boat wasn't just like Matt Yeah I think she's finally getting used to her partner, which is good because they're co worker so you can't be addictive co workers forever it's not her style. No, it's not but it'd be funny. The whole like the entire run of the show is like fucking asshole and he's like I'm standing right ear she. So on our way out, she mentions that these girls are sealed and rumor has it. They contain magic spells and I think that's Goliath makes the face at like no not magic. She always goes wrong when magic. Magic. Has never done anything for me. It's done me no favours I've got turned into stone with magic got hunted by Dimona with magic best friend came back to life because of magic. Magic is bad where glass quick question who is starting these rumors who the fuck does. She know there's like, let me tell you about some magic rumors. I heard three like go on. Tell me more about the magic rumor like what who you is it Matt that. MOTHERFUCKER Matt, match like I heard in the Kook weekly newsletter that I read they have magic spells. He's in a weird Yahoo. Chat Room. It's the ninety s he be in their own, the AOL chat group that I frequent. Then I was wondering if she just fucking with Goliath because of his bad run INS with magic Jews like. Hey Goliath I heard there was magic in this bells. I. Feel about magic why you gotTA bring that Shit Up Well we leave the clock tower and go to a boat. Yeah. A really fucking rocky boat yeah. Getting so sick now, where we hearing any of this bad weather outside of the Clock Tower, Oh are we supposed to believe that this insane storm rolled in in between scenes on one of the rivers there's this coming from the ocean assume that it's coming from the ocean because what we're GonNa get to in a second because why are they on a boat but they were coming from Scotland or England I mean I assume Scotland originally because of the tied to Macbeth me just because of its really the real deal Merlin. Before Scotland existed, I don't know history and I don't want to Great Britain area or the focus do not. Care it's not like they ever told us where it's supposed to be. So I'm doing my best similar over their boat suddenly Dream Boat and match show up on another rocky boat and are climbing up i. feel like there could have been a better way to do this like a helicopter. helicopter onto that shit or something. But now I'm going to have the coastguard take me out on this boat. Then I have to climb up the rickety ladder to get onto your boat. Here's where I was wondering where's the rest of the escort? It's a team of two. So this job was important enough to have somebody escort the scrolls, but not that many people wasn't that important just ancient history literally in the palm of your hand here. Do you think this hats going to survive through the end of the series like it dream boats hat that matches her windbreaker. She. Suddenly she's Rockin this baseball cap with a high ponytail I was wondering if she opened a new bank account and they gave her a free hat or something like what what is hat come from? It's probably an official NYPD had official police colors nor was it branded? It's her official undercover nypd hat I liked it because without saying. So it serves a very practical, very real purpose. She's a woman with a lot of long hair and she's going to you know rocky boat lot of wind and shit. She got gotta tie that Shit Up. She's got to keep it out of her face. Yeah Hat. Yeah. Because she normally does run around doing her detective staff with her hair just everywhere, which also doesn't seem like a great idea but you know to each their own. There on this boat. Yeah and they are literally introduced to the scrolls. Here are these scrolls that we found neat Where's the dude that was with her the explorer lady I don't know and There were people lady I thought Guy Driving the boat was the same guy like he's driver and in other captains, right? Driver she knew that though right I mean yeah we're being we're okay. All right. So the boat driver. So the boat driver. I was assuming that was the same guy as the explorer. I would disagree because the lady state in her nineteen twenties explore clothes and he was in captain and he put on his boat driving. Maybe it's like win, he has to change. She's like, no, you're the boat driver now. So you must change out of your. Clothes on your boat driving uniform sir. Okay So, they're introduced to the scrolls and are talking about that, and then shit goes wrong as it obviously was going to do. Yeah. Hey. I need to talk more about this boat I. I'm sorry. Okay. Okay. Sure. Sure. Sure. This still takes place in one thousand, nine, hundred, five, right there were airplanes and that's a weird question because they get attacked by jets why the fuck are they on a boat I don't know I did a little bit of research. Okay. It can take up to seven days to travel by ship from the UK to New York City. It takes that many hours in an airplane. Yeah. What is boat for? Why do bow two votes or not to boat? That is that's a stupid question not boat maybe their league. Well, you see our nineteen twenties explorer costumes, we must do everything. Deep diving whose play. Maybe they don't trust airport security back then I'm on a motherfucker. Don't you ever forget. But they could have chartered a private jet. If they have the ability to chart. It seemed like a semi private big boat like that's what they're. They're called big boats Liz. You said Shit went wrong. Okay these like weird ships that apparently these are jets. On a ship being attacked by jet these weird jets, it can just like land helicopters do they don't need to like a? Runway unless..

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