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Know now i know what the collective bargaining agreement the times a little bit more restricted now but in reality okay in reality you know you did players from seven o'clock in the morning till five o'clock at night when you're in the nfl and college kids are in class so you don't even get to shame till two thirty in the afternoon so by you give them a twothirty afternoon by seven o'clock there off to go eat dinner and then and go you know go they don't do go to study hall do homework and stuff like that and how much of a difference does that make in the on field product they headed guy actually coach of mind he was on the college draft podcast recently frank producer who coached for you in today at notre dame and in florida frank coach me in dallas and buffalo and i think he said something to me one time like where in the nfl i mean if you have one or two mental errors on the old line as an entire unit i mean you you're upset whereas in college he says more like eight to ten i think that's fair to say coach that there's there's just going to be more mental errors in college a they're younger beaten us experienced and see you just don't have as much time to work with them and meet with them and stuff oh i think that that's totally true i think that you know our goal in an nfl game was debt single digits and mental errors for the entire group for the whole whole opposites we would want to have we our goal is that single digits of mental errors i mean in in college you remember the total week you get with them as twenty hours and the game counts as three of those hours so that leaves you with seventeen hours the whole week usually it's four days of of four hours and that's meeting and practice is four days of four hours and then one day of one day of one hour and there's your seventeen hours wow it must have been i mean i'm just just knowing you a little bit coach and what you said about when you watch games help frustrating was it for you to go from the patriots where you win super bowls three out of four years and you go into a smart group of kids at her name but it had to be tough i mean what were you in the pros like fifteen years or something then you go to college and have that drop off and the increase in mental errors i feel like i'm not even a coach but i feel like that would drive me crazy when you haven't guys on your team having mental errors because you feel like it's a reflection of you well yeah yeah the tweet you know so in training camp you know wouldn't school hasn't started yet you have these guys from early in the morning till late it so you'd have from you know seven o'clock in the morning till nine thirty at night so what you did is you put in the bulk of all the stuff you do during training camp and then each week you wouldn't pick you know just game plan specific things that you're going to work on or they already had a foundation of it and they just had to go back to what we did this in training camp we're doing it this week you there'd be some things that you do every week but you know most of the things you did you know there were never too many things that were just completely brand new what let's get to tom brady a little bit coach obviously he flourished under your tutelage and one those three super bowls when was the first inkling you head coach.

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